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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. The V cover is amazing but they didn't quite get Doja's features that well. Still fantastic art direction, though!
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  2. I think it looks like her, just extremely exaggerated, which is how Jason’s work is. She was using a filter similar to these images on her Instagram stories a few weeks ago (probably hinting at this shoot) and it's basically the same

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  3. The entire shoot is phenomenal, holy shit.
  4. Her visuals were already strong but if this shoot is any indication, Planet Her is going to take that high bar and blow it into the stratosphere. I’m so ready.
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  5. The moving cover, though? Whew

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  6. The V mag shoot is incredible, my god.

    Also I'm thrilled about a SZA collab and we'll probably get "house, disco, vintage-y" music? Whew.
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  7. I doubt she’ll do anything new, but exciting regardless!

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  8. Gotta be "Streets", right?
  9. I’m thinking a medley, maybe Streets into Say So or the other way around. Bonus points if she brings the silhouette challenge to life.
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  10. Say So again... who am I kidding I will stan.
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  11. Doja when she heard what she’d have to perform
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  12. Oh my god

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  13. Not me thinking this was a Freak music video at first ddd. She has too many memes.
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  15. Her visuals are always so slick ugh!
  16. Get Over You but make it streets-y.
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  17. I wonder if they dropped the idea for a remix in favor of a music video or if it'll just come later
  18. Oh so those rumours about the new lead on March are fake?
  19. If she follows the same pattern she did with Hot Pink, then we'll get a "Streets" remix as the crossover lead (which is what has been rumored) and then a new track not long after. "Juicy" remix was released first for Hot Pink, followed by an onslaught of singles/videos; Bottom Bitch, Rules, and Cyber Sex were all out within a span of a month. Hypothetically, a "Streets" remix could drop this month and Planet Her will launch around May. She could also just not do the remix and jump right into Planet Her.
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  20. I'm honestly just thrilled to be getting an official version of Streets with the Anka sample.
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