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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. Yes at this arriving in just over two weeks! The artwork is lovely.
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  2. I got goosebumbs, come through Doja!
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  3. Starting to wonder if she was on set of the cover shoot here. Brett mentioned she was wearing an archive piece from the designer she was going to be wearing at the Grammys (who we later found out was Roberto Cavalli) for it. The painted backdrop is also very LaChapelle, and of course the hair is the same.

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  4. Cover of the year. Yes.
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  5. Not “I Don’t Do Drugs feat. Ariana Grande”. How is this real?!

    This cover is a god damn SHOOT.
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  6. Only thing I'm not a huge fan of is the font. I'd rather it had no text at all. And using it for the tracklist is a bit much, but I'm nitpicking.
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  7. The way doesn’t make ANY sense. She is moving quickly sister!
  8. Borderline unreadable (if otherwise wonderful) font aside, this is easily her best cover, with that AMAZING back cover to boot.

    I already know I'll need all the vinyl variants.
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  9. That album cover is incredible! She’s a superstar
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  10. I'm getting Armand van Helden's Killing Puritans album where everything was in code

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  11. I Don’t Do Drugs (feat. Ariana Grande) is fucking sending me.


    I can’t wait for this.
  12. "Pre-order coming real soon" should mean this week

  13. She's been teasing the album for almost a year dd Now it's moving quickly but it took her some time.
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  14. I’m so happy that Love to Dream made the cut.
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  15. Full lenght cinematic feature?? Oh shit
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  16. Her Dirty Computer is coming
  17. “I Don’t Do Drugs”

    You know songs like that are stories that people cannot identify with, songs that people cannot relate to
  18. The main Doja insider on ATRL hinted at Pharrell possibly producing the Doja x Ariana collab.

    We're ascending!
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