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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. RMK


    Maybe people need to see it blown up. I definitely think the typography is the only misstep.
  2. The album cover is great aside from the typography and anything but "bland", like...words mean things
  3. I love the cover photo, my main issue is the many light textures (?) they added. It looks a bit fan-made. And yeah I'd rather have it with no text.

    Video for Need To Know looks fire though.

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  4. Pretty sure those were added in real time. Part of why David’s work is so regarded is because of his lighting and how everything is usually practically done instead of just photoshopped. You’ll notice his shoot with Lizzo has the same effects


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  5. I'm sure the cover will look good on print as the screens are already to saturated and crisp and this is why it's looking very busy. The basic production on Need To Know though ... I don't think anything can save this.
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  6. Evey pic on that Lizzo shoot was album cover worthy coming in 2035.
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  7. That promo pic would make a better album cover.
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  8. She is the moment.gif

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  9. The thumbnail has me SCREAMING !

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  10. RMK


    I didn't like every song on Hot Pink. Most of them were mainly cute for a minute, and this project will likely be the same? At least based off the first two singles.
  11. "Need to Know" just gives me usual album track Doja, which is fine. I can see it growing.
  12. Dd, the only feuds she's been in being the one she has with Genius

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  13. My only issue with the Doja cover is I keep thinking it looks like it was from Little Mix’s Confetti shoot, not David. The back cover is incredible, though.
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  14. David posted them without text. Gorgeous.

    And Doja posted the single cover

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  15. They're great shots (they would work amazingly as an editorial) but I don't know if they're instant and striking enough for an album cover. The Hot Pink cover is so iconic.
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  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    That single cover is a shoot phew.
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  17. Was I imagining it or did she confirm on Twitter that "Need To Know" was a buzz track and not the second single. I thought the second single was The Weeknd collab anyway?
  18. Yes, it’s just a pre-release track

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  19. Yeah she confirmed it’s a buzz track. The Weekend collab is meant to be the next single. It’s kind of similar with Hot Pink, I’m sure Rules and Cyber Sex came out before the album dropped along with videos for both but they weren’t actual singles
  20. This would have been a better single cover.
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