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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. Not Grimes popping up on Planet Her.

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  2. The music video is incredible!!! Loved every second of it.
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  3. Stylish af.
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  4. Gorgeous. And yes, the video does elevate the track.
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  5. Doja needs to stop casting these gorgeous men in her video it’s too much for me.
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  6. We been knew she had taste... but TASTE.
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  7. Love the music video but not feeling the song too much, it borders on being almost annoying.
  8. All the choices are really great and unexpected
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  9. Funny of her to say this like Tik Tok hasn't dictated what is and isn't a single for her and her team.
  10. Kinda hoped she would have chosen a Missy video instead of Busta (not hating on him though, he's amazing) but all her other choices, whew.

    I like where her head is at in terms of being innovative and thinking outside the box in order to be memorable. I like that off kilter quality about her.
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  11. The video is WOW she’s a server she can’t help herself.
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  12. New images by David LaChapelle

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  13. It’s not a main pop girl era without the obligatory ‘any of these promo images is better than the album cover’.
  14. They were... right there fvdgdgsdfgdshd
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  15. Some of these are absolutely incredible. Yes big pop album visuals!
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  16. Not him removing them dd. We better get a deluxe with a nice booklet. It’d be a shame to have these only on Instagram.

    I still think the cover we got is the perfect shot, though. Second choice would probably be this


    It’s very

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  17. Doja Cat - Planet Her (The 'For Cigs Into Pretty Things' Edition)

  18. Great video but the song is whelming.
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