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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. I was referring to the hardcover book with a vinyl inside nn. The other stuff is whatever.
  2. It's a bit annoying how will this is doing but it "only" peaking at #5 on Billboard. It's still #2 on Spotify US today! Hopefully album release week can boost it to a new peak. Still impressive that it never left the top 10 though.
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  3. New interview

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  4. This is the real cover art as far as I'm concerned:
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  5. Supposedly there are two relatively big features on the deluxe tracks. I'm assuming Lil Nas X is one, but interested in who the other could be. The ATRL insider said it's not Nicki.
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  6. I feel like it could be Katy Perry.
  7. I’d love that. Doja has always reminded me of her.

    I’ve also noticed Xtina liking Doja’s Instagram posts recently as well, so she could be a potential option, especially since she’s also on RCA.

    Lil Nas X seems the most obvious because he’s been hyping this album almost as much as Doja has, and they’ve talked about wanting to work together before.
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  8. I Need To Know is such a creeper . I wasn’t fussed the first time I heard it but the past few days it’s been on heavy rotation . A bop !
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  9. I agree, I didn’t like Need To Know at first but it’s definitely a grower.
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  10. Oh I didn't even know there was a deluxe coming.
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  11. Need To Know is amazing and lush, with one of the best music videos I've seen -- just a fun track. Doja's two for two!
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  12. We don't know if there is for sure. The guy on ATRL said changes were being made to the tracklist up until a week before Doja made the announcement, but that he knew of two songs with big features that weren't on the version we got. Between that and the alternate artwork, he made the assumption it's all likely for a deluxe.

    If this does exist, it kind of sounds to me like a Target edition or something that will come out a week following the standard release.
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  13. Nn I know so many people were waiting for those too
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  14. lk;dashflkhf I hate her
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  15. The fact that she started lying and canceling stuff three days after stanning Gaga is performance art.
  16. ddd well there's always Etsy.
  17. Interested to hear if this is the same "Naked" that appears on the album and if it's changed at all. She played this back in 2018

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  18. Tyler is releasing next week too ugh. Hopefully she can still get #1.
  19. The never fails to make me scream.

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