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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. Oh I didn't remember those being released so close to each other. Here's to hoping they do something similar again.
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  2. Taking us to Whoville

  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Feel like with all these latest visuals and the way she's continually performed Say So like it's a brand new song, she's gearing up for a real imperial phase with this new era. Planet Her is such a fantastic title which just makes me even more excited!
  4. The way she used the set up of the silhouette challenge for this promo is just such a stroke of genius. I’m so perched for this era.
  5. Doja re-appropriating memes that use her songs or name for the past year and a half has been brilliant. Even better that she’s tried to involve the originators themselves somehow.
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  6. Her live performance game is one of the most consistent and exciting in such a long time. I'm still in awe at how effortlessly she pulled off the djent version of Say So (although I wasn't aware of the controversy over the solo nn)
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  7. Yeah, "Say So" (and the handful of other successful tracks she's released during Hot Pink) really set her up for something properly massive with Planet Her – just in terms of presentation and visuals. I haven't been this hyped for a follow up from a new artist in a while. Let me start manifesting the inevitable David LaChapelle photoshoot.
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  8. Fixed it for you xx
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  9. Brett gave a very insightful interview about the "Streets" video and his relationship with Doja. A small tidbit regarding Planet Her included:

    Any theories? Thierry Mugler is the only designer that comes to mind, but that feels too obvious and has been done already by Cardi. She has been wearing a lot of Vivienne Westwood lately and was in an archive piece during a livestream recently.
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  10. Gaultier maybe? Mugler would be a MOMENT though
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  11. Ooh, Gaultier is a good one. Hmmm. It sounds like someone who doesn't loan out looks often; Thierry is the only one I know that was notorious for being very selective about lending pieces, but he's been doing it more and more since his retrospective. Alexander McQueen is another I could see.
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  12. tea


    I'm obsessed with the new Streets remix by Disclosure.

  13. Imagine if they worked on Planet Her
  14. tea


    A brand new Disclosure x Doja track would melt me into a puddle teebs
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  15. Her shop now has links to UMG despite being signed to RCA/Sony. Is that strange to anyone else?
  16. I’m guessing they could be handling her merch
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  17. I guess her new logo is in the code on the site as well. Could she be launching right after the Grammys?

    from the Hot Pink thread:

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  18. Maybe it means nothing, but they also did some housekeeping to her Apple Music profile. Hot Pink now has an animated cover.
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  19. The Disclosure remix for Streets got me really excited for Planet Her.
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  20. Her store is now password protected so it most probably seems that we're getting new merch after the Grammys performance. Perched.
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