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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. This release feels... a touch low-key, no?

    Is the Weeknd track getting a push on Friday?
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  2. She's going into release week with songs at #2 and #25 on Spotify, so letting the music do the heavy-lifting isn't a bad idea in this case. Regardless, I imagine the promo will ramp up through the actual release week once the album drops.
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  3. She's just eschewed the recent label strategy of dropping the big single the week before. Most album releases feel low-key up until that point. I'm sure it'll feel like she's everywhere come Friday.
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  4. Pretty good review, although it seemed more like an analysis on “cancel culture” and Doja’s ability to avoid it by pointing out how it doesn’t actually cancel anyone, period. I’ve seen people say it’s backhanded, but it doesn’t really read like that to me.

    The comparisons to Pink Friday are very exciting to me. Seeing “Pay Day” referred to as hyperpop is interesting as well. The clip didn’t really give off that vibe.
  5. SMG


    Is someone able to put that review in a post here at all please? I can’t get past the pay wall!
  6. I definitely miss her doing more traditional promo. Her team must get her on SNL, she'd kill it.
    But she's also gen Z's darling so she's fine, they'll stream it once it's out.
  7. The parts actually about the songs were interesting, the attempt at social commentary to try and intellectualise the review seemed half-hearted.

    If I were reading that knowing nothing about her I would think she was about a 1000x more problematic than she actually is. Although I suppose it's her own fault in many ways.
  8. It’s kind of long to post in full, but here are some highlights about the album itself:

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  9. A pop rap ballad ? this has me very intrigued!

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  10. I don’t mind the analysis, although putting her in a line up with Kanye West and Morgan Wallen…. Eeesh. But I guess they can’t really say much about the music without posting all the lyrics and spoiling everything.
  11. AV Club C+ Review

    That's such an odd take.
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  12. Talking about thank u, next and positions like they were released 30 years ago nn
  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Ariana's vocal outshines anyone with ease, seems a bit harsh to use that against Doja.
  14. So… they’re mad that she made a pop album? Nn. It’s funny it’s practically the opposite of what the Vulture review said.
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  15. Doja's voice quality doesn't rely on that, she has a very eclectic voice , one of the best in the game.
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  16. I’m taking the reviews with a grain of salt. You’re not gonna get this album the first time you hear it. After the 200th or 300th time you hear the songs on TikTok you’re gonna be like “whoa, what is this?”
  17. How are people paid to write this dross and im here decimating the girls in stanza for free!

    All that matters is that we, the annual darlings of June, have a stunning time vacaying the bops and ballads of Planet Her. In space we cannot hear straights scream

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  18. I'm surprised Hot Pink sits at 73 on Metacritic; I'll be shocked if this hits at least 65 considering the reviews so far.

    I'm sure the album is going to be great from the likes of "Kiss Me More" & "Need to Know".
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  19. Hmm...the optics of them claiming that a white woman popularized hip-hop influenced pop music and that Doja is just copying her
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