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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. Kiss Me More could be coming for #1 on release week. It's at #4 on radio and still getting big updates.

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  2. It's all been very low-key on the lead up to the point where I near enough forget it was out on Friday but I'm extremely excited to hear the material.
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  3. She also spent a good chunk of the last year performing her ass off. In terms of a long campaign, I believe we're going to get a lot of performances, videos & more. Patience is a virtue, y'all!
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  4. This is actually upsetting me nn. Of course this critique came from a white woman.
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  5. Maybe they don’t know Ariana is white
  6. [​IMG]
  7. I'm still trying to figure out how they got Kendrick from Hot Pink...
  8. "Rules" was compared to Kendrick's stuff when it first dropped. Outside of that, I have no idea. Anyway, that writer was liking tweets calling Doja a sell out (???) so now she's being dragged to the high heavens and went private.
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  9. FFFF A SELL OUT???? She’s literally ALWAYS been a pop artist. They really just let anybody write reviews. I think I need to change careers.
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  10. Why won't she go back to making #authentic music like she did before she blew up??
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  11. On the flip side, some of her stans are also attacking Craig Jenkins (who wrote the positive Vulture review) because he brought up Dr. Luke and compared the album to Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded nn. I guess you can't win 'em all.

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  12. He only mentioned L*ke twice in the review but it is odd how much of it felt like a reflection of past things as opposed to the album (which also got a decent mention too).
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  13. I understand why it was done, although I think a full profile would have been the best way to dig in to that sort of analysis. The way Doja and artists like Lil Nas X handle the media and are able to escape scandal relatively unscathed is interesting, and kind of flies in the face of those who rally so loudly against "cancel culture" when we have proof that it's not really a thing.
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  14. I honestly can't think of another pop artist since early 2000s Britney who's performances have captivated me as much as Doja's does. In terms of choreography, styling, vocals, and production...she just hits every mark flawlessly. She has everything it takes to be an icon if she plays her cards right.
  15. Another review. From Stereogum. Similar to the Vulture one that talks about her being prone to controversy but somehow avoiding any major fallout. It also confirms that Luke is only involved on three tracks.

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  16. Mayer Hawthorne?! There's a name I haven't heard in a minute.

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  17. You Right video friday as expected.
  18. I guess the CD is only going to be up on her store for the time being. It's limited to 5000 and is billed as an exclusive. Apparently a wider release is coming in August – maybe that's when the deluxe will pop up?
  19. Thrilled to hear about the minimal Luke involvement. Kind of confirms what @mindtrappa and others have been saying re: her working with him only because she has to. (Though I’m kind of annoyed Need To Know is solely him because I literally cannot stop listening to it)
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