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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. The only songs I've not fully warmed to yet are Been Like This through to Ain't Shit but I love the rest. You Right is a big grower, I listened this morning and was like "it's ok" but now I'm hooked. The video also helped I think. Hopefully further down the line she releases a vinyl version of the album.
  2. Kiss Me More
    Need to Know
    Get Into It
    I Don't Do Drugs
    You Right
    Love to Dream
    Ain't Shit

    is probably the 10-track album I would've released. I've listened to the album on and off throughout the day and I couldn't tell you how the other 4 went.
  3. Ok but the bop that is Naked needs more love.
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  4. I’d be very surprised if ‘I Don’t Do Drugs’ isn’t a single at some point - I think it has potential to be massive and I feel it’s very likely with the chosen feature that it isn’t just going to sit on the album.
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  6. SMG


    Get Into It (Yuh) slaps.
  7. I’m surprised that it wasn’t released before “You Right.”
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  8. Do we think there might be telling about the fact that the two singles so far (not including Kiss Me More) were the only two L*ke tracks? Like, I am wondering if they were required to be the singles — especially considering that they are great but not necessarily the obvious singles.
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  9. I Don’t Do Drugs reminds me of Destiny’s Child, I’m bopping.
  10. Kiss Me More 100% sounds like a first single and it’s commercial performance thus far kinda proves that they made the right choice. It was smart to lead with a song that had similarities to her biggest hit.
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  11. I assume they were. All the Luke songs on Hot Pink (sans "Shine") were released as well.
  12. I haven’t listened to the full album yet, but Been Like This is giving Streets 2.0, and for that, it owns my heart.
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  13. Okay, this grew on me since last night. I've been really enjoying it.
  14. Still versions of the Spotify promos

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  15. Okay I like this album a lot more on second listen after hearing it on my car stereo. Naked, Payday, Need To Know, You Right, Been Like This, and Options are my immediate standouts.
  16. You Right is kinda lame. Need to Know >>>
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  17. The first two lines of Ari’s verse totally remind me of the verse melody in “Say My Name,” so I can definitely hear this.
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  18. @Doja make it a single!

  19. I need Ain’t Shit, I Don’t Do Drugs, Payday, and Get Into It to dominate the rest of the year
  20. The way she's spoiled for single choices here...powerful.
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