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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. Probably a rights thing.
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  2. Yeah, and the official uploads to artists YouTube channels are geoblocked in several countries.
  3. Planet Her will actually be her third album.
  4. Nn I always forget about Amala because Hot Pink was her big breakthrough.

    Yall know what I meant!
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  5. Doja probably forgets about Amala as well, to be fair. Not literally, but she’s spoken about how she doesn’t really vibe with it.
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  6. Amala is underrated. Go To Town remains a classic.

  7. I threw together some cover art for an album of live performances I cobbled together for my collection, if anyone needs or wants to use it

  8. She's currently on Twitch streaming. If you haven't been following previously, she's iconic

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  9. He


    She’s hilarious oh my god!

    edit: she’s playing Inside. Taste!
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  10. Is there a tentative timeline on when the lead single / album are expected to drop? I feel like she can lay low and let Streets do its thing for a few months and then pop back up with a massive summer single and a campaign ready to go. She's built up absolutely insane momentum over the last year.
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  11. Everything about her is just so...exciting? Vibrant? I'm really hyped for what this album and its campaign have in store - I know she's had other viral hit singles in the past year, Streets being the latest, but she's clearly so eager to get out from under the massive shadow cast by Say So and show the world that she's more than a TikTok trend magnet and I support it 100%. The fact that she's dropped house and Afrobeat as reference points has me salivating.

    I also very much look forward to her eventually getting to a place where she can get the hell away from Luke dd
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  12. I think she mentioned Summer 2021

    Also someone mentioned this on Twitter and I agree, she is as much a student of Nicki as she is of Left Eye, the latter influence is what separates her from the pack (besides Rico).
  13. The V article said the album is out in the summer. Her stylist hinted that they already have the artwork shot. "Streets" just seems like it was pushed out to capitalize on the silhouette challenge.
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  14. She's one of the most exciting people in pop music right now. She dives into so many different soundscapes and pulls them off effortlessly & her visuals are top notch. I know she's done some questionable things, but she's also funny as fuck. I love following her on social media. Planet Her is probably my most anticipated album of the year.
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  15. Also I really need a collab with Lil Nas X. They're basically the same person.
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  16. Doja going full Aunt Clara from Bewitched at 1:22 followed immediately by her spitting that line from Rake It Up with pitch-perfect accuracy and then "Yay, I died! ...FUCKIN BITCH" is the exact brand of chaos I live for.
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  17. Her rapping Nicki verses and sounding exactly like her had me shook when I was watching the stream

  18. Get her in touch with this woman

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  19. This article on her Grammy look – yes.

  20. I hated the feathers at first but the more I saw of it the better they looked? Her makeup and hair were RIGHT from the start though
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