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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. Bottom Bitch and Talk Dirty remain the crown jewels of Hot Pink.
  2. RMK


    Yeah, to be honest, I get PR tactic out of that more than anything. And that isn't bad, that is what anyone in her position would do. She clearly doesn't like him.
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  3. Is there a chance Kiss Me More could hit #1?
  4. No, predictions have it at #3.
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  5. HDD has this coming in at 110k copies sold, landing at #2 behind Tyler The Creator.
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  6. Annoying that another week it would have very likely been number 1 . Still this great though Hot Pink I think went top 20 in its debut opening week so this is a massive step up . She will likely I reckon have more longevity than Tyler in the long run also .
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  7. They really kind of fucked up not having any additional physical editions ready, although I understand why that wasn’t possible. I’m sure she’ll be happy about this regardless, since she’s a Tyler stan, so she’s in good company.
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  8. I’ve decided that Get Into It (Yuh) is the best song released by a recording artist in 2021.
  9. Every day I have a different song stuck in my head.
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  10. This album is such a grower. I mean I liked it upon first listen but now I’m obsessed.
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  11. "Ain't Shit" performance. I'm screaming at the backing vocals

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  12. Seems like we're getting a series of high budget Vevo performances similar to what The Weeknd did. Perched.
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  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Planet Her made it to #3 in the UK albums chart yath xx
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  14. You Right also made top 10 in the UK at number 9 .

    Ain’t Shit also made top 30 and number 29 .
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  15. The album is good, very cohesive which is good and bad. It suffers from sounding a bit samey at times. Tbh I prefer Hot Pink as it had more experimental tracks, and felt a bit more playful. This feels, for better and for worse, like a produced album.
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  16. The album is so good! Kinda reminds me of something from around the time when Loud/Pink Friday and the like came out
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  17. I can’t remember which interview it was but she did say she wanted this to be more of a body of work and that she didn’t want songs that stick out like they did on Hot Pink (although I think there are still plenty of standouts here). I can understand why that might not be the vibe for some people, though.
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  18. This very much opened itself up to me with repeated listens, like positions. Yes, it's a vibe, it's a mood but I think that's the point. It's very rich and meticulously made if you take the time to immerse yourself in it. The Apple interview also helped a ton.
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