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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. It’s one of my favourites. Her rap verse is a highlight and the whole song in general gives me old school Nicki.
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  2. SMG


    Yeah, Alone is the crowning jewel here for me.
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  3. Imagine. Imagine. Big as fuck, all I eat is salad.
  4. Her Emmy is coming!
  5. The way this album gets better and better with every listen. Her power.
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  6. I love this

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  7. I'm cackling at this being a covert ad for The Pattern app.

    Also I loved her on Dave. She really didn't act, but it was cute nn
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  8. She's really killing it, huh. "Woman" is also being used for fancams on Tiktok.
  9. Not "ChampagnePapi is following you". I'm dead. What is this from??
  10. She was a guest star on Dave last night

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  11. Thanks! This does not look good to me but good for her dd. I also did not know she was half jewish.
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  12. I was only able to give this album a proper couple of listens yesterday and the run from Woman - Love to Dream is stellar. The back half of the album falls off a bit with Options & Alone being the only real highlights for me. All of the Deluxe tracks are bangers. Overall I think a stronger collection than Hot Pink.
  13. I've said it before but Dave is a genuinely hilarious show with a surprising amount of heart and her episode was a lot of fun. She was great in it.
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  14. Her last scene was especially perfect.
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  15. I wish I can watch her Dave episode but we will probably get the second season in the UK in approximately 84 years.
  16. She's honestly not even in it a ton, and yet the entire episode revolves around her. It's kind of iconic. I feel like they just followed her around with a camera while she went about her normal day.
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  17. Need To Know outperforming You Right on streaming services is wild.

    Also this is sending me. The jumps!
  18. Finally got round to listening to this album and Payday is giving me life.
  19. I would absolutely watch the shit out of a video of Doja just going about her business and chatting shit to a camera for an entire day. The way she speaks is so compelling
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