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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. She's an incredibly compelling personality in addition to an entertainer which I unfortunately cannot say for most of the girls who have debuted in the last few years. She is genuinely smart and self-aware but has these crazy outbursts of troll humour that are hilarious. I just enjoy watching her exist.
  2. The way Need to Know can creep up on you weeks after you first hear it. It’s massive. It’s insane how many times she switches it up and keeps it interesting over a single synth loop. It’s absolutely loaded with hooks and melodies. Genuinely breathtaking!

    Echo the sentiments that this album is a huge grower.
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  3. She shaded Nick Cannon earlier today after he interviewed her for 30 minutes and didn't ask about her album once

  4. Mariah collab when
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  5. After the Bree collab that I’m currently manifesting

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  7. If they haven't already, I need them to collab musically AND romantically. Thank you!
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  8. Need To Know is #3 on Apple Music in the US and Ain’t Shit is also smashing.

    Poor You Right.
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  9. Public said can't help it I want them.
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  10. You Right is one of the only weak songs on the album so it’s getting what it deserves.
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  11. You Right (Extended) is one of the best on the album though.
  12. Planet Her is now in Dolby Atmos/Spatial Audio on Apple Music.
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  13. This is sending me

  14. I just went to google it out of curiosity and the first result when you type in her name on google is "doja cat girlfriend" ddd.

    Anyway bad merch is honestly an industry wide problem. I always was wonder who designs them and why.
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  15. BBC Radio 1 played Ain’t Shit yesterday and chile … that radio edit was rough. I don’t know why she didn’t bother to come up with some clean lyrics.
  16. Doja’s merch is usually pretty cute. I can’t remember if she was the one who used to design it or not. But the stuff I saw in the email blast today was hilariously bad and cobbled together.

    They should just replace the N word with that weird sparkling effect from the chorus.
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  17. If you don’t stan Get Into It Yuh I think you should probably be imprisoned for life
  18. “Need to Know” potentially becoming the biggest hit this era has its complications. But it’s got her best flow on the entire album.

    I would like to see “Payday” as a single at some point.
  19. As much as it pains me to say it I really love the production on Need to Know - like someone said the soundscape is so vast and she sounds great on it.
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