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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. Finally allocated some time to listen to Planet Her yesterday and it’s a fun listen. Definitely feels like a summer album, if that makes sense? I also love Kiss Me More a lot better within the context of the album.

    Ain’t Shit really made me laugh out loud when I first heard it.
  2. Need to Know is up to 12 on Spotify US and 23 on global. Ain't Shit is 6 and 21. Simultaneous smashes incoming!
  3. It's incredible to see how she turns everything into sleeper hits. No one like her at the moment.

    Get Into It deserves to smash too.
  4. Woman is #119 on Spotify Global.

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  5. Well, well, well.
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  6. Payday makes me feel like I’m a kid again for some reason. It’s got such a nostalgic, summery vibe to it - I’ve had no choice but to listen to it multiple times a day everyday for the past 3 weeks.
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  7. Need To Know doing circles around You Right... Spotify should switch them up on Today's Top Hits. This being the second Doja x Abel collab to underperform (the first one was amidst her being "cancelled" so it was more understandable) is a bit sad, they're such a perfect fit. Though I agree it's not the most exciting song for them.
  8. tea


    In Your Eyes is a flawless remix that deserved to smash and I will use any excuse to repost it again

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  9. In Your Eyes it's only the Doja remix for me.
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  10. Does anyone (@mindtrappa?) know why she was upset on Twitter last night? Seemed like she's reaching that level of success where engaging so heavily with socials is toxic.
  11. What happened?

  12. I don’t think anything specifically happened. She goes through periods of just hating Twitter/social media dd. Like when she unfollowed everyone on Instagram and only followed furniture accounts because she was over looking at people.
  13. I think some fans were saying that she was lazy and that she doesn’t care about promoting the album.
  14. I thought that might’ve been it, but she also liked this tweet

    I feel like she’d just outright drag anyone calling her lazy nn
  15. Yeah, I think so too. She's probably just tired of the general vibe.
  16. Planet Her is so good. On repeat forever.
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  17. Okay but this is actually iconic?
  18. He


    I howled at this.
  19. Dd it was so funny

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  20. Pleasantly surprised to see Planet Her hasn't left the UK top 5 since release. Ain't Shit and Need To Know are both taking on a life of their own, both hovering around the top 30 mark the last two weeks. The album will easily go Gold by the end of the year.
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