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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. I haven't been that much into Planet Her but Need To Know is a terrific song and I'm happy it's starting to smash.
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  2. Get Into It (Yuh) is a bop and five halves and more than good enough for any feature.

    I hope we get a video.
  3. Get Into It (Yuh), Payday and Woman are my holy trinity.
  4. Same ... with Need To Know, Ain't Shit and Options as the disciples.
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  5. I'm a Been Like This apologist. She's that underrated girl that will creep up in your mind.
  6. Tonight (feat.Eve) gives me "E-V-E at her height" energy and for that, merits a video release too.
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  7. 3Xs


    The fact that this album is so cohesive and yet has so many bops you can pull out on their own and enjoy. She really did that.
  8. Call us Ed Sheeran we're in love with her body (of work).
  9. I hadn't realised that they were releasing a CD version in the UK (I know they did in the US). It's available via her UK store only I believe! Haven't seen it for order on HMV or Amazon.

    I wish they'd release a CD version of "Hot Pink" (seems to be only one version of that, a Japanese import).
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  10. Same, I thought “Tonight” was a pretty good song too (…until I found out who co-produced it. Curse you, Dr. Luke!)
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  11. I find it hilarious that my roomate hates the owl sound which is in the entire record.
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  12. RMK


    It took me a minute to realize that's Y2K's producer tag. It sounded so familiar, and that's because it miraculously blended in on their JoJo collaboration.
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  13. I finally had the chance to listen to the album today and I'm quite surprised, expected nothing and gained a great record to bop to. YES!
  14. The way her songs effortlessly smash while her and her team do the bare minimum makes me scream .

    Woman is also starting to gain momentum as well
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  15. Woman?!
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  16. Blowing up on TikTok (of course) I’m seeing a lot of fan edits of it. Kinda surprised but not complaining.
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  17. Not owls snatching credit for the Y2K tag

  18. Today's Top Hits finally added Need To Know! Hopefully it gives a big boost but it was already making 2.9mi without it so we'll see. Get Into It (Yuh) also starting to make waves at #74 on Spotify US. I'm surprised it took TikTok so "long" to jump on this one.
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  19. The way people will listen to anything from this album that isn't You Right.
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  20. Just had an email from her UK store - the CD release has now gone back to October!
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