Doja Cat - Planet Her

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I managed to get tickets to Global Citizen in Paris and I'm so excited to see her live for the first time. I really hope a proper tour is coming soon though.
Her interview with Missy was a nice surprise for me to wake up to this morning. I really loved it, I could feel the love between them even through the text. I feel like there's no better artist to really relate to Doja right now and for her to actually have an interesting conversation with. I adore Missy and I love that there's no weird competitiveness coming from her towards Doja's success and name being brought up alongside her's. I love any bit we get of Doja outside of her trolling, which I do appreciate as well, but I find her to be really endearing and easy to root for when she's able to lower her guard and just talk about her art. The point she brought up about not really being able to see Hot Pink's impact in person is wild to think about. I can't imagine going into the lockdown with a modest online following and then emerging a year later as one of the biggest artists of the moment. That's gotta be so hard to wrap your head around. She's been able to maintain her own identity through it though, which I hope she never loses.

Also, I too was shocked to find out Work It never went #1? What the fuck? I guess if we all just remember it as being a #1 that's all that really matters because most people won't bother to fact check it.

Anyway, I've been hammering this album for two months straight officially and I'm not anywhere near sick of it. I've kept Hot Pink in just as heavy rotation as well as bits from Amala and I won't be able to stop anytime soon. It's been a minute since an artist's discography took over my life like this and since I've been so invested and on board with everything they do. I have to see her live whenever she tours. I've never bought concerts tickets and then worked out the details later, but I will 100% being doing so for the Planet Her tour. So many songs from this album smashing at once feels so right. It's Popjustice.
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Felt sorry for Missy having lots of #2s (in truth, as far as I can see, only "Work It" and "1, 2 Step" ever made it that high). Absurd she never had a Hot 100 #1. Strange that that's not something she already knew about herself, lol.

Loved the interview and would love a collaboration between them. Put Missy on the "Tonight" remix... and let her both rap and sing.
I love that shoot. I feel like that sort of candid style fell out of vogue since Terry Richardson got cancelled (as he should) but it has a very nostalgic 2000s vibe.
I think it's safe to say Need To Know is officially the 3rd single, Radio 1 have just playlisted it and I've heard it a tonne on Kiss FM the last few days. Its just hit a new peak of #11 as well.

Hopefully we'll see Woman be pushed next.
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