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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

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  1. Yeah I'd love that for all Doja collabs in the future actually, especially The Weeknd and Ariana.
  2. I need to see her live.
  3. Nicki would be good on "Get Into It", weird for her to turn it down considering the crap she features on half the time.
  4. I watched Doja’s Apple Music interview the other day and she said she wanted to reduce the number of features she has for her own tracks. She cited Prince and MJ as her benchmarks as they seldom did collabs.

    She made an interesting point how having constant collabs makes the music feel like patchwork and you can take someone’s verse and add it to another song etc and nothing ever feels like it belongs in one place.
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  5. Prince seldom did collabs? Girl... His whole career was one big collaboration.

    And even MJ has two duets on Bad. One on Thriller. And these were 9 track albums. And Dangerous has Naomi Campbell uncredited, Heavy D uncredited. He also collaborated with Diana Ross, Janet, 3T and that's in the 80s, 90s when nobody really collaborated with anyone because labels didn't like that.
  6. She’s like 5 compared to you sis, she don’t know

    Anyway, I think her point was that she didn't want to slap her name on just anyone’s songs, which neither Prince or MJ did. Collaborating was different back then and not as chart motivated as it is today.
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  7. Labels didn't like collabs? How comes?
  8. They were a mess when big names were involved:

    Anyway collabs happened but they certainly weren't as popular as right now.
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  9. Just managed to watch her Made In America and it was 45 minutes of pure joy. She's a phenomenal performer and I can't wait to actually see her live in a couple of weeks.
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  10. I got chills from the crowd in this clip of Need To Know

    Also ‘Woman’ is such a bop . I literally claimed it as a hit the first time I heard it so I’m glad it’s looking to potentially take off .

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  11. Cult-classic Bottom Bitch also slapped hard.
  12. So, an official tour announcement might be coming?

  13. I’ve decided that Kiss Me More is better than Say So.
  14. I'm pretty sure Naomi only appeared in the video and it was later confirmed that it was Princess Stephanie of Monaco who did the vocals on In The Closet. Remember when she was referred to as the "Mystery Girl"?
  15. Ah yes you're right. Poor Stephanie!
    I NEED. But the wording makes it seem like she's on tour touring various events she's booked to do no?
  16. She said on IG Live that she’s 100% touring in 2022. I think they’ll just ride out this year with a few festivals/one offs and have a proper tour next year with an updated set.
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  17. I hope as she's my No 1 to see live for three years now.
  18. Been Like This!!

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  19. She’s hinting at bringing something more “lowkey” to the VMAs. I hope it’s still interesting, though, as she’s references Gaga, Britney, Janet and Nicki as her influences for it growing up.
  20. If she’s going for a more heartfelt VMA performance I’m gonna need her to have ‘Alone’ in this medley for that second rap verse alone .

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