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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

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  1. Been Like This is a banger so this feels correct. It seems like the perfect opportunity to continue showcasing her versatility as a performer as well.
  2. RMK


    Been Like This is great. Very curious what their plan is for a follow-up video and single with songs blowing up left and right.

    I'm sure the Lil Nas collaboration will grab people's attention for awhile. Maybe they're waiting on that.
  3. Interesting choice of songs. I can't wait to see what she's putting together. Like Nas, I know she understands the assignment, so even if she's going for something a bit more chill and low-key, I'm sure she's creating a moment. I keep forgetting that she's hosting, too, which is super exciting.
  4. 3Xs


    Been Like This feels like it could be the Streets of this era, so I'm here for her pushing it.
  5. Mr. S says there's an Uber Deluxe version of the album coming next month.
  6. I will gladly accept any songs she is willing to give us, let's be honest. This album is pretty much all i've played the last couple months aside from my recent stint into Dawn of Chromatica. If she wants to put out more songs, who am I to tell her no.

    But also if they're having trouble pinning down a song to go forward with as the next single because SO many of her songs are popular... Is it best to be releasing MORE songs right now?
  7. The original job of a single was to promote an album and incite people to buy it. When everything she releases smashes I think it's probably a smart strategy to position Doja as more of a streaming-era album artist and focus less on trying to figure out which song will smash more and when (also considering they can't seem to figure it out in advance ddd). So in that sense the more is more strategy should pay off.
  8. But then again, the deluxe tracks failed to have the same impact the standart ones did so let's see.

    Also it's not that messy. Need To Know smashed and that had a video already. And it looks like she shot a video for Woman a few weeks ago so we should have it soon.
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  9. Did I say messy? I'm just pointing out that the song that's smashing has rarely been the one getting the push. And also I doubt anyone is necessarily expecting the deluxe tracks to have the same impact, but by having more songs she's automatically ensuring more SEA (streaming equivalent album) and insuring greater longevity for the album. Plus, who says the deluxe tracks can't have their turn to smash in a few months like some of the Hot Pink tracks?
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  10. Yeah, I mean, having a wealth of choices is always going to be better than if everyone had hated the album. So whatever she does will be great. And I hope she can carry this album far, similarly to how Dua has kept Future Nostalgia going for well over a year. This album can very much be that for Doja.
  11. Noo, that bit was replying to the post above yours ddd. But true about SEA, I didn't consider that.
  12. With Woman being her second most streamed song at the moment, does anyone know if she’s shot a music video for it yet?
  13. She definitely shot something a few weeks ago and people online said it was for Woman. Nothing official though.
  14. It’s think it’s most definitely Woman, since the girl that created the TikTok challenge for the song said that she shot a music video with Doja.
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  15. This was unexpected

  16. Doja’s determination to help Olivia Newton John increase her net worth is iconic.
  17. I think I love it?
  18. I love this? She sounds so sweet and she really made the song her own. The chokehold she has on pop culture is wild!
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