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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

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  1. Miss Doja laminating her Olivia stan card was not on my 2021 bingo.

    The song is a mood too, she sells it.
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  2. Wait at that cover & commercial being two of 2021’s greatest achievements.
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  3. That was very cute, almost Super Bowl worthy
  4. She really does always understand the assignment.
  5. Okay but why am I obsessed with everything about the Pepsi commercial.. she looks great too.
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  6. Variety interview about the ad and the VMAs:

    A couple bits:

  7. Loved the commercial! She’s so talented!
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  8. Yup.

    She looks incredible in that bejewelled jacket and with the short platinum hair.
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  9. A Doja/Twigs collab would be very interesting.
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  10. Planet Her broke the record for spending the most weeks in the top 10 for a female rap album (11 so far, basically it hasn't left the top 10 since release). She has 6 streaming smashes in the form of Kiss Me More, You Right, Need To Know, Woman, Get Into It and Ain't Shit so I don't expect it to leave anytime soon.

    The album was certified Silver last week and should easily pass Gold by the end of the year.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. She looks great here. She said there's "a lot more" coming in terms of videos and visuals for the album.

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  13. Holy shit that leather look is a LOOK.
    She really brings her absolute A game to literally everything she does. That commercial, and recording the song- that's all a lot of work. All for a commercial. Props to her, hope she got a big payout for that. It's instantly iconic.

    Wouldn't mind if she recorded the rest and released it just for fun.
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  14. Ok that took me out dd. A lot of things went through my head about what was gonna happen after he took a sip and that was definitely not one of them.
  15. There’s something so 2000s about this year’s VMAs with this new crop of stars really coming into their own.
  16. YouTube link of tonight’s performance:

  17. She did great. I was kind of nervous when I heard she was going for something more simple/serious, but she pulled it off. I’m glad she got to show this side of her.
  18. She killed the choreo but I can’t say it’s among my favorite performances from her. I really like Been Like This but it seems like a random choice to perform given the other buzzworthy songs on the album, and her being in the air is cool for a minute but goes on for too long.
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  19. Well that’s kind of the point. The other songs would have lent themselves to a more hyped up and traditional Doja moment, which is the opposite of what she wanted to do.
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