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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

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  1. SMG


    I wouldn’t change a thing about her performance. Sublime.
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  2. I’m so glad she didn’t do the obvious thing. Y’all are boring.
  3. I'd have taken the obvious if it meant a massive perf of Woman or Need to Know.

    I adore Been Like This but it did not lend itself to an interesting performance. Those first two minutes were a stone bore. The You Right part was a bit better, but still pretty boring.

    It's ok, she's figuring out how to be the artist she wants to be. This didn't quite hit.
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  4. Me to the two performances
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  5. I think after the way “Say So” blew up and she was practically forced into performing it for a year at every award show and industry event, it makes sense she’d want to be selfish and do this before she inevitably gets stuck performing “Need to Know” or “Woman” for the next year and a half, which I’m sure she’ll start doing as soon as the AMAs roll around.

    Speaking of “Need to Know”… maybe listen with headphones dd

  6. I thought it was a nice change and shows her versatility as a performer.
  7. Ff yeah I don't get this take when her songs are just blowing up regardless at this point, giving Been Like This a cute moment was her exercising her artistic autonomy which she still hasn't gotten to do much of yet.
  8. She can perform pretty much any song off of Planet Her and i'd eat it up. I don't need her to constantly be doing the hits/soon-to-be hits. You Right is still technically, I guess, the single. So performing that makes sense. And then medley-ing it with a song that fit the vibe but isn't necessarily going to be a single I thought worked really well. Her floating up with the ring orbiting her was beautiful. And she's never really performed a song like that before, she's showing how versatile of an artist she is.

    I'm also certain that if Woman is the next single, she will be planning a big moment for a performance of that for whatever's coming next. They might just not be ready to hit Go with that quite yet.
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  9. Right? I loved it.

    And did people forget she performed last year and did...exactly what's been asked for now.
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  10. Not people confusing “found two ballads performed in stuttering moves in the dark a bit uneventful for her” with “I want Say So again for I’m a cig”.

    Also last year she was the best performance.

    Maybe it’s because I’ve completely overplayed the - brilliant - album all summer, the perf just didn’t give me the high I craved (which is on me, I know).

    And “she will do Woman later” doesn’t mean people can’t ask for it now.

    Anyway where are the (difficult to plan) EU dates Doja?
  11. Obviously y’all can ask for what you want and feel how you feel. I just think it’s funny that people are claiming this is some massive missed opportunity when everything she has out is smashing regardless. The real missed opportunity would be not taking advantage of the fact that she can literally do anything she wants right now in favor of something expected.

    Watch her MIA Fest performance if you wanna see “Woman” on stage in the meantime
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  12. I don't think commercially it's a missed opportunity at all. It was just underwhelming ddd. Noone's banging the gong for the death of Doja Cat's career here.
  13. Her effortless slayage... she just releases her songs and they get eaten up.
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  14. I keep thinking that Woman feat. Aya Nakamura has the potential to be a major snatch.
  15. Rihanna being on this list when she hasn't released anything in 5 years is insane.
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  16. Not sure where this is coming from, but there's been a rumor going around for a couple weeks that she's prepping a new album for next year. I remember her playing RCA tracks from Planet Her in February 2020, just a few months after Hot Pink had been released, so this wouldn't necessarily surprise me if it wound up being true.
  17. I hope so to be honest. Speaking of the devil, if she pulled a Rihanna and released one album a year she'd be out of the contract in no time.

    Isn't it funny how that's what pulling a Rihanna used to mean...sigh.
  18. That was the thought when we saw her playing tracks for RCA in 2020. There had been talk of Planet Her being released back then, but obviously COVID happened and "Say So" blew up in a big way. Makes sense to keep it moving, though, not just to get out of that contract, but because she can really do no wrong at the moment.
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  19. I won't be surprised too especially since it's clear that she's been trying to fast-track her career so she can finish her contract.
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