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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. I just got some guy talking with very dramatic music
  2. Same, they showed Like That for about 10 seconds then cut away.
  3. She looks great, though. She seems to be well into her set, so I guess we’ll see if it gets uploaded officially

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  4. There is a severe tape delay because she just finished her set right now. She performed after Maneskin.
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  5. Yeah the live stream keeps saying ‘coming later’ Kylie Minogue and she performed hours ago so no idea what schedule they’re on dd.
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  7. Her look tonight is even more Britney-fied than the MIA one. She's snapping as usual.


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  8. She was amazing and the crowd knew every word including deeps cuts like Tia Tamera and Rules. She also served vocals on the rock version of Say So. My only gripe is that she sings all of Rules and Juicy and cuts Kiss Me More and Need To Know really short.
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  9. Good.
  10. ... bye. Juicy is a cute girl but Smash Me More is excellence.
  11. Tia Tamera and Rules are considered deep cuts now?
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  12. Rules was literally a single with video dddd.
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  13. Charlie Puth being horny again dd

  14. For normal people, no. For french people, yes.
  15. If she doesn't announce the uber deluxe edition and physicals next week, we're in a fight

  16. Stay away from her, get a job.
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  17. Tia Tamera and Rules are perfect festival songs I'm here for it. But yeah, it's weird how she makes two of her biggest current hits look like they're the deep cuts. Juicy can go.
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  18. Is this photo real ddd
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  19. Nn yah, as far as I'm aware.

    Some of the Global Citizen performances are up. Not sure if they'll drop them all

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