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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. What I heard was only like 10 seconds but it sounded like a bop.
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  2. Need To Know is #11 on Top 40 radio, and will be Doja's third song in the Top 10 currently when it reaches #10 (Kiss Me More and You Right are currently #6 and #7).

    The snippet leak with Megan is also apparently the demo of the French Montana song that's set to come out featuring Doja and Saweetie.
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  3. She’s everything

  4. She becomes the 2nd artist ever, after Ariana, and first black artist to achieve three Top 10's at the same time on the Top 40 airplay chat.

    They are the hitmakers!

  5. Woman has been playlisted by Radio 1, so it’s safe to assume that it’s next single. The song has been hovering around the 11-13 mark on Spotify for ages too.
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  6. Planet Her gives me the same energy as the Teenage Dream era. There's 3 blockbuster official singles so far simultaneously smashing and we're potentially looking at Woman, Naked, Get Into It, Drugs and Ain't Shit getting their moment in the sun and keeping the momentum going across socials. Insane!
  7. Get Into It (Yuh) ft. Lil Nas X should be the 5th single.
  8. Funny, since he’s recently been hinting that he already filmed the “Scoop” video with her and it being a single. Here for the double domination between them

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  9. Is everyone still getting as much mileage out of this album as they did on release week or just me? I'd still love to have that Uber Deluxe that was potentially in the pipeline but I don't even feel like I need it yet.
  10. I'm seeing speculation that the Doja/Meg collab is dropping on Doja's birthday next Thursday night. Could be pure wishful thinking, though.

    She's also on the new Young Thug album.

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  11. This song

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  12. Payday won, I fear.
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  13. I love my three favourite songs on the album.
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  14. We love to see it
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  15. What if they did a joint video of Scoop and Get Into It Yuh.
    A logistic nightmare but also why not.
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  16. I'm ready for the next single and video like... Yesterday. I love this album and listen to it regularly but a nice new visual and some more appearances to go along with it would be lovely. I trust her though, I think it's all coming. It's not like other artists where i'm like "Welp I guess that's it for this album".
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  17. That was fun. I honestly had the same reaction when I heard Get Into It (Yuh).

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  18. She's playing GTA V on twitch again dd.
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