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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

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  2. Her Twitch streams are so chaotic dd

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  3. I pressed play on this just as I cracked open a beer and now it's been 20 mins and I'm still watching. I didn't know I needed Doja offending random people on online games. "You eat ketchup for breakfast" get them!
  4. Not her screaming the Judas chorus and the “GAW GAW” part apskasjnslals she’s so unhinged I love it

  5. You Right is also going a bit viral on Tiktok with a mash-up of Gwen's Luxurious.
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  6. Come through, Top 10 hit! Do justice for You Right and Streets!
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  7. RMK


    Doubt it won't rise again, but kii if she ends up with two back-to-back #11 peaking singles.
  8. "Excuse me :) Kehlani move to the side I need to get in"
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  9. Obsessed that she's a gamer. Her Twitch streams have me crying! Especially GTA 5. Her singing Halsey had me dead.
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  10. The way she just stands there smiling dd

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  11. The way I involuntarily said "wow me" when she asked her question ddd

  12. Planet Her has been certified Gold in the UK. She now has two Gold albums here, an international rap girlie!!

    Now please announce a London date!!
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  13. I literally cannot stop thinking about "Lana Does Del Rey let's be honest here now" *crash* "OH MY GO-"
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  14. Most nominated artist at the EMAs. Woman performance incoming.
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  15. Happy birthday to Doja! Her costume last night was a tad iconic

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  16. Is she dressed as Princess Kida? I love it.
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  17. It’s the soft vocals at the end after all that aggressive singing that really do me in
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  18. Those audio bits are amazing. EXCUSE ME, Kehlani...
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