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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. Need To Know hive stand UP!

  2. Wow, 8 nominations

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  3. I genuinely hope she wins at least one, if not more.
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  4. I've never noticed featured artists getting a nod for album nominations, is that new?

    Regardless, elated for her!
  5. So deserved. I’d say Kiss Me More is the favorite in Pop Duo/Group.
  6. Yeah I hope she wins more than just Best Pop Duo. It will be interesting to see where the Record Academy stand with her.
  7. I'm so fucking happy and excited for her. She worked her ass off to deliver such solid material every single time and she deserves all of the praise and accolades. Planet Her has been one of my albums of the year since release, though all of her material is in heavy rotation for me, honestly. I've said it probably too many times before but the way she's taken the viral tiktok moments and social media hype and turned it all into a bonafide superstar breakout moment is incredible and wild. Like I remember listening to Tia Tamera two years ago and thinking she was the coolest thing but that she'd probably never blow up like she should and I'm so happy I was wrong. She's an artist that I feel like doesn't just have her finger on the pulse, but commands it. I really hope she's able to take a few Grammy's home.
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  8. This is the energy I want to exude in 2022.
  9. She was venting for a good 20 minutes, and good for her for not keeping it bottled up. She initially got on and started talking about how she wants to start making beats on live again, which makes me think she definitely saw that thread from a few days ago dd
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  10. I can't with her. Kiss Me More (Polka Version) incoming.
  11. I was watching this live, but didn’t catch what she was taking about/doing, so I’m cackling
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  12. She doesn't want to give Lukas streams either, bless.
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  13. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Sooooooo I kinda put her on ice after the chatroom stuff and not really delving deeper into the Dr. Puke stuff...until recently when I felt like coming around and discovering her again, and the VMAs really kicked started it. I was off some ta-killa and bought the album after her performance, and started listening in the last couple weeks and cannot stop, at all. Get Into It (Yuh) has really blossomed as an addictive song that I cannot keep myself from coming back to, and her versatility as a vocalist and MC are ridiculously compelling next to how much of an OTT personality she is. I'm really excited to see where she continues to go. Also:

    I'm stoked to hopefully own it one day on vinyl. It is an extremely fresh and well-melded record.
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  14. You know, I'm so happy a major star is actually talking about this. So many of my faves have been burnt out from being overworked and taking no time for themselves once their career takes off so I'm glad someone is putting their foot down and hopefully demanding that they be treated as humans and not money generating machines.
  15. I’ve been obsessed with this video the last few days. She seems really lovely.

  16. I’ve been in a similar place to @Mr.Arroz in avoiding diving in due mainly to the Dr Luke connections but everything I’ve heard (aka the whole album cause it’s the soundtrack to my gay friend’s life) is amazing. What’s the tea on that whole situation?
  17. She signed with his prod company when she was 16 or so and is contracted to have a certain amount of songs by him on every album. So definitely not a Saweetie sitch where she collabs with him just because.
  18. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Before listening too much, I read this entire thread front to back, and this article along the way that someone posted. I think it gives a lot of nuance about the context of where Doja Cat falls in all this. The chatroom stuff was weird to me @ first but understanding more of online troll spaces that I don't personally run into helped too.
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  19. Was just about to post this article.

    I'll also add that there was some drama in early 2020 when "Say So" was blowing up that caused discussion about Luke to start up again due to the fact that this was the most successful song he had been a part of in several years. Doja ended up liking some tweets about being stuck with him/signing to him prior to Kesha's allegations and then tweeted this:

    She's since made a few indirect references to Luke during livestreams and whatnot, including one time where she mentioned him by name in a Hotel Hideaway chat where her player died and she said this:

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