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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. In can speak for other two countries I’m connected to, France and Lebanon, and Woman has basically been the second single ever since the album’s release. No one really knows about Need To Know and You Right had some The Weeknd curiosity radio plays.
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  2. Woman, what a song. Love the video.
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  3. I'm so happy Woman finally got a video! Every time I listen to this song i'm in awe in how amazing it is. Like there are no weak points in that song, just pure excellence for 2:52min.

    The video is great as well, the only confusing part is why she didn't have Teyana dancing with her? That really would have topped it off.

    Can't wait for the Get Into It (Yuh) video as well. She literally saved the best songs for last.
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  5. The way she simply slays everything. She is just so captivating in every sense of the word.
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  6. Oh, I love that
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  7. Okay but why aren't any of my codes taking effect?
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  8. I know this is not the right right place at all, but I'm disgusted at how Luke is really trying to "claim his place back" while using her name. Variety just did a whole interview with him. Trash.

  9. Kind of a kii how the article and headline say he talks about producing "Kiss Me More", but there's nothing in the actual interview with him talking about it dd
  10. This quote is sending me. You know where to start Mr Gottwald.
  11. It infuriates me that no journalist has the balls to take this man to task. My god, journalism really is dead.
  12. The styling in that music video is gorgeous. The hair styling alone deserves awards.
  13. Also ironic how we have footage of Kiss Me More’s creation and he isn’t involved at all oop!
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  14. I love the video! Does anyone know who the director was?
  15. Just checked the video's description and the director is credited to just "child." , which I'm assuming is referring to this director named Child.
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  16. Ah, Joseph Khan then.
  17. Here's her full Jingle Ball sets from the Dallas and L.A. dates

    And she performed with LNX last night at the L.A. show

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