Doja Cat - Scarlet 2 CLAUDE

It's a reference to Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. The original name was S2: Claude Frollo. She claimed it's not in reference to anyone specific, but lowkey feeling like it's about Luke, since she said Claude Frollo was a tyrant who abuses his power, and she said it plays into the story of how Scarlet came to be.

A hunchback reference, maybe I need to unban her on my Spot the fry!
I’m glad we’re allowed to talk about her again on here cause musically she’s really been doing it for me the past couple of weeks.

Coachella she ATE as the headliner . While Scarlet 2 Claude is arguably some her best work also !
Her Met Gala look.

Aside from the fact that cotton isn’t a flower like she says (nn), I like the sentiment behind the look. It’s on theme without being obvious and also ties into the garden statues that are in the short story that inspired the exhibit.
Yeah like other people after the thread closed I just had no idea what was happening in Doja's world and since I didn't care for Scarlet much minus Demons and Agoura Hills I didn't mind one bit. I do hope she goes back to more of the sound of Planet Her but I'm a basic bitch when it comes to music admittedly I like my bops