Doja Cat

It is so fascinating seeing how so many songs are being devoured by the GP at once. It’s the best “problem” to have, but I’m not so sure any of these will even fully cannibalize another when all is said and done.

It’s also notable that the two big features, being You Right and I Don’t Do Drugs, haven’t instantly become the runaway tracks. And that’s not saying either won’t down the line - with You Right obviously doing quite well and nowhere near the end of its run. But if you had asked me before the album was released what the initial response would be, it made perfect sense on paper that a Doja and Weeknd collab would soar to number one, or that a track with Ariana would sneak up on her team.

I think it speaks to what others have touched on previously here, which is that neither song necessarily have the quintessential Doja touch. They lack a rap verse, and while I still love both, it’s really interesting to see how she’s clearly already carved out a signature recipe with her songs that listeners have come to quickly expect and love. It’s just really nice to see a record saturate the business this way, and I can’t wait to watch the rest of the era take shape.
I listen to You Right and I Don't Do Drugs less than every other song on the album (save for probably Imagine.)
The extended You Right I enjoy a little bit more. But I Don't Do Drugs doesn't really go hard enough for me. Like I said when the album came out, I like when she does music that is a little bit more in your face and that's just not one of those songs. It's a bit more chill and understated. Which is fine but I just don't find myself listening to it. I wonder what Ariana would've been like on a song like Options instead.
I Don't Do Drugs is the best song on the album, that production is simply immaculate and Ariana turns in maybe her best guest verse:

Tryna stay in my lane
But you play on the safe side
But you fucking me up on this FaceTime
Faded, pouring all over you
Know exactly what I wanna do
So, baby can you eat it from the back?
Got me purrin' like I'm Doja Cat
Keep me in your bag
'Cause you wanna hear me say I'm coming back
But this time I want support, just make it last

The way she'll end up with 5 new hits once this campaign is said and done. Need To Know climbed to 12 in the UK this week and Woman is a new entry at 26. Her label must be ecstatic that these songs are selling with 0 effort. Ain't Shit sits at 34 as well.

Will be interesting to see what gets an official push next.
I definitely see I Don't Do Drugs being a final single with a glorious video. Get Into It (Yuh) also probably felt like the inevitable TikTok track next to Ain't Shit, and a remix would do it justice.

It's so interesting to think of how this album would do without that app. Obviously not as well, but the singles run would definitely change.