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Dollar (David & Thereze)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Blaahh, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. For some reason am discovering this lot, life started in 1983 for me, and have bought the two reissues and a dodgy compilation, but cannot find any original extended versions to buy/download - does anyone know where I can get them please or are they sadly awaiting reissue? (especially 'We Walked In Love' - tune!)
  2. Their Arista singles We Walked In Love and Haven't We Said Goodbye Before have never been released digitally. Most of the compilations available fall sort in one way or another, from re-recordings to missing hits. Check out their official website, which has all the info you'll need on their releases;

    Also, Thereza Bazar's solo album, The Big Kiss, has never been digitalised either, which is killing me. The title track is a great lost pop single.
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  3. Thanks, fascinating site. Shame none of the 12s are available.
  4. The 12" mixes of Oh L'amour and It's Natures Way were both on this CD single (both PWL, both brilliant);

    The 12" mix of Hand Held In Black And White is on this compilation;

    They didn't really have that many 12" mixes... just the Arista ones missed a CD release.
  5. Best pop group ever.
  6. Cant believe i didnt know Hand Held in Black and White from back in the day, corking tune.
  7. I always wish Dollar had done a whole album with PWL - Oh L'amour and It's Nature's Way are awesome and their vocals really suit that late 80s bouncy shiny production.

    Add me in for wanting a reissue of Thereza Bazar's The Big Kiss, great song and I love her other track Gotcha!
  8. The Big Kiss NEEDS to come out on CD.
  9. Its stood the test of time very well. True classic.
  10. It sure does, to hear Traitor of the heart on a CD would be awesome.
  11. The Platinum Collection cd is now very expensive on amazon now, i would guess now deleted?
  12. Shooting Stars is even more expensive! Blimey.
  13. Wow, 99 quid? Should have bought a few of them when they were a tenner.
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  14. So I finally tracked down the Arista singles-reissues and as someone who only knows/owns the Dollar Album, these songs just confirm they really were quite an underrated band. We Walked in Love is particularly stunning. My round out my Top 3 with Give Me Back My Heart and Guessing Games.

    Would love if their other material got wrapped up neatly in a physical reissue sometime soon!
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  15. Also, stumbled across this a few weeks ago. Lovely little read. I adore how they don't hold back! (Though I love the Fizz)
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  16. They did make some great pop records. Very under-rated really. Videotheque still sounds fresh and creative today.
  17. Slow progress being made on untangling their catalogue for future projects, but it's going in the right direction.
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  19. Possibly. There are plans but it's always the complexity of labels that causes problems.
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  20. Please don’t give up! I appreciate your efforts. It’ll come good eventually.
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