Dollar UK Singles Rate 1978-1988 WINNER REVEALED RATE CLOSED


Here are the eligible tracks when voting opens next week. Clips will appear from next Monday

Shooting Star
Ring Ring
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
Who Were You With In The Moonlight
Love's Gotta Hold Of Me
Love Street
Girls Are Out To Get Ya
Takin' A Chance On You
You Take My Breath Away
Hand Held In Black & White
Mirror Mirror
Give Me Back My Heart
Give Me Some Kind Of Magic
Haven't We Said Goodbye Before
We Walked In Love
Oh L'Amour
It's Natures Way (No Problem)
17 tracks for your listening and voting pleasure.

As with all my rates decimal point scoring is allowed. You can score 1 track a 12 One Track an 11 and all others between 0-10
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