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Dollar UK Singles Rate 1978-1988 WINNER REVEALED RATE CLOSED

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by simes1970, Apr 18, 2021.

  1. Well it's time to bring out the big guns no2 & No1. So at number 2 we have a great pop song with a disneylike video
    Mirror Mirror Score 140.75 Average 10.05
    Highest Score 11 (Simes1970, BattleBornAl, Unameable, CasperFan, MilesAngel, Alan)
    Lowest Score 7.5 (Tylerc904)
    Other Scores
    10 (I'dRatherJack, Hairycub1969, Rooneyboy, Berzerkboi, Remorque) 9 (Doodvid)
    8.25 (Maki)

    Comments Include
    "Another great pop moment. I'm liking the production here a lot and the song flows along quite nicely."
    "I love the production and structure of this one, but it's still missing something to be properly excellent."
    "The rush in this one was great!" (Berserkboi)
    " Dollars biggest selling song in the UK selling almost half a million copies, with an almost iconic video and catchy chorus this deserved to get to number 1, but at least for a short while, Dollar were back in the big time." (Rooneyboy)
    "This is the sound of Trevor Horn taking every bit of new technology in the studio and throwing it into the arrangement. Check out the bass playing on headphones…the song is great and the vocal arrangements are right on the ….dollar! Meanwhile, the people behind Tight Fit were listening closely to the New Pop Sound” (Hairycub1969)
    "Just incredible, sounding like nothing in the charts at the time, very ahead of its time production wise. This was the song that rally made me notice Dollar-the harmonies are just gorgeous and the production is flawless. Just imagine if they’d done the whole album with Trevor Horn." (CasperFan)
    " Excellently poppy" (Unameable)
    “Simply the best happy pop song of all time” (BattleBornAl)

    That brings us to the winner so all clap for our NO1 Dollar Single
    Hand Held In Black & White Score 142 Average 10.14
    Highest Score 12 (Hairycub1969, Alan, Doodvid) Lowest Score 8 (Maki)
    Other Scores
    11 (Tylerc904, Remorque) 10 (BattleBornAl, Unameable, I'dRatherJack, Rooneyboy)
    9.5 (CasperFan) 9 (Simes1970, MilesAngel) 8.5 (Berserkboi)

    Comments Include
    “The record that started a chain reaction!” (BattleBornAl)
    "One of the best as all the elements come together perfectly" (Unameable)
    "The stark difference in the quality of production is incredible. Interesting fuller sound and a great song-deservedly reversing their chart fortunes and should have been top 10. No idea what its all about though!"
    "I loved this song back in 1981 – it blew my 11-year-old mind. By the 1990’s my friends were saying it was “80’s cheese” and now in the 21st century – it’s just pop sublime. The wonderful arrangement and production. Trevor Horn playing bass with them on Top of the Pops. Name checking two Abba songs (The winner takes it all, Take a chance)….and those vocal harmonies never sounded better….bliss! It just about edges out to become the best thing they ever did. The sound of 80’s “New Pop” has arrived!"
    "And now we hit Dollars 'golden' era. The classiest of all their releases and Trevor Horn and Dollar are pop perfection. The lyrics don't really make any sense to me but it was part of Trevor's Dollar Quadrilogy, and what a great start. Back in the UK top 20 and back in the public eye." (Rooneyboy)
    "Lovely melody but I wish they went a little harder!" (Berserkboi)
    "You can already tell the production being more full-fledged compared to the singles from the first two albums. I really like this one, though I think it needed a middle-8 to take it [in the melody of the song] higher." (Maki)
    "This one surely has it in the bag though? It's got pop, ambience, attitude, a certain cool... Basically, everything a great pop song needs." (Remorque)
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  2. A brilliant winner (my personal runner up!). I can't believe I am the lowest scorer for Mirror Mirror considering I really enjoy it.

    Excellent job running a swift and entertaining rate @simes1970 - Dollar is lucky to have a fan in you!
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  3. Well I never! I was sure Mirror Mirror had this in the bag. I wouldn't have picked this as my winner but as I gave both songs a 10 and really enjoy both so I can't complain!

    Thanks for a great rate @simes1970 and for letting us appreciate and chat about this very underrated group. I've made a few brilliant discoveries along the way.
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  4. Wow! I really expected "Mirror Mirror" to win as it's their biggest selling single!
    But it's wonderful to see all the love for "Hand held in black and white"! Still my favourite Dollar song!

    Thank you @simes1970 for a really great rate - short and sweet as ever!
    Madness next, right?
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  5. Thank you for running this @simes1970 !! Love your work and these fast rates! Hahahahaha
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  6. Up next those Nutty Boys Madness UK Singles Rate 1979-2000.
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  7. I'll put my baggy trousers on for that one then!
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  8. Thank you @simes1970 for doing such a fantastic job of hosting the rate. Thought Mirror Mirror might have won it but no complaints from me!
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  9. Funny to think that of all the big hitters Mirror Mirror was the only track NOT to receive a 12, but did have the most 11's on the rate.
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  10. I'm fine with 'Hand Held In Black And White' taking this because at least I can say it's unexpected.
    I did give the song a 9 because it's great, but it doesn't quite reach the heights of other songs for me.
    For example 'Mirror Mirror' to which I gave my 11.

    Thanks @simes1970 for a fantastic rate which has introduced me to some brilliant songs and inspired me to delve into Dollar's discograhy even further.
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  11. So "Mirror Mirror" was almost everyone's second favourite! It deserved it's high placing. No complaints with the winner as it's so well constructed.
  12. The next rate is Madness? I actually know some of their music which is a bit of a change from the usual rates by @simes1970 (I grew up in a French speaking part of the world and I don’t believe Dollar or Five Star were on the radio for us). Madness was on MusicMax heaps when I moved to Australia! Woohoo!!
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  13. Thank you @simes1970 for doing my dream rate!
    Excellent job and a rather unexpected winner. Lovely to see so many positive comments
    about my all time Fave pop group. It's been great to see the Dollar love!
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  14. I really was expecting Mirror Mirror to win, even though I gave it 11 and Hand Held In Black and White 12. Still, it’s a good result for both of them.

    Warner really pushed the boat out for these Dollar releases. Both got picture labels, and Hand Held In Black and White got a 12” white vinyl release with an extra large picture label (I don’t own it but photos I’ve seen of it make it look almost like a 7” because of the large label). After the flops from The Paris Collection, Dollar were back after two years in the wilderness!

    Thanks @simes1970 for doing this, it’s re-ignited my interest in their stuff and it’s been fun checking each day what’s out next. I know Madness’s singles so I might join in on that one as well.
  15. Better late than never:

    UK Chart for W/e 17th April 1982:
    1 72,000 - My camera never lies (Bucks Fizz)
    2 71,000 - Ain't no pleasing you (Chas and Dave)
    3 69,000 - Ebony and Ivory (Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder)
    4 65,000 - Give me back my heart (Dollar)

    Chas and Dave were robbed of a Number One Hit!
    Thanks to @gezza76 for the sales figures!
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  16. For anyone that has the Discogs app, it’s worth checking out the entry for the 2019 boxed set, Ultimate Dollar. This set had an extensive booklet (it was almost a book) and Discogs has every page of it scanned. There are 76 scans in all, and the book starts at number 33 (each scan is two pages of the book).

    A lot of information there, including lyrics for every track and, more importantly, David’s and Thereza’s comments on them as well as detailed essays on each album.

    It doesn’t work with the webpages as the scans aren’t clear enough, but within the app they’re readable.
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  17. I've been following the results throughout, but didn't manage to catch up with commenting here, so here are some jumbled thoughts:

    "Girls Are Out to Get Ya" is my lowest score in the entire rate, so I'm glad to see it out early.

    "Love's Gotta Hold on Me" is my biggest loss so far - it's a lovely ballad and Thereza's vocals fit the production and vibe perfectly. "Who Were You With in the Moonlight" and "Shooting Star" should've definitely left before this one.

    "It's Nature's Way" deserves top 3. "Oh L'amour" ended up overrated.

    Out of the top 3, my favourite is "Videotheque", so of course that one left first.
    And this is the first rate where I'm the lowest scorer for the winner, oops. I like the song, but it's just not among my favourites here. "Mirror Mirror" is a bit better for me and I was expecting it would win.

    Thank you for running this rate so concisely and introducing me to Dollar's music, @simes1970!
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