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Dollar UK Singles Rate 1978-1988 WINNER REVEALED RATE CLOSED

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by simes1970, Apr 18, 2021.

  1. Here is Euronick61's extended remix of the brilliant Videotheque.
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  2. After consideration the band I aim to tackle next is one of the 1980's best singles bands Madness looking at their singles from 1979-1999 excluding re-releases.
  3. Shooting Stars must rank as one of my favourite albums ever, so I’d have to go with the three singles from that, but can’t go wrong with the Trevor Horn stuff.

    The boxed set and associated releases they put out a couple of years ago was brilliant, I never thought we’d see anything like that. To have the Shooting Stars album back in its original form was long overdue.

  4. We have had one mix of It's Natures Way, here is another this time the Acid Tongue Mix.
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  5. The remixes of It's Nature's Way are incredible, PWL at their best. I was so pleased to get them on the boxset a couple of years back.

    The extended mix is 9 minutes long and it's still too short!
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  6. The Original version of Love Street

    Dollars version

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  7. This was a good single, produced by Thereza with her vocals very clearly heard on it as well.
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  8. I bought that when I was 10, played it to death. The B-side was decent too ..


  9. Performance time this bank holiday, taken from Cheggars Plays Pop here is Who Were You With In The Moonlight.
  10. Released early 1981...

    The picture sleeve edition of this in good condition is possibly their rarest UK 7” single.

  11. Staying with Cheggars Plays Pop here is Videotheque.
  12. One thing I've noticed listening to my Dollar singles playlist for the rate is that they started out as pretty much just David Van Day doing all the vocals, it's only later around the time of The Dollar Album that Thereza's vocals become more prominent. It's really the addition of Thereza's voice that gives Dollar their distinctive, unique sound and just goes to prove you don't need to have a massive voice to be an amazing popstar.
  13. On Shooting Stars, most of the backing vocals were provided by Chris Neil, Frank Musker and Dominic Bugatti (as Harsh, Sharp & Piercing). From Paris Collection on, Thereza did them all. David did the leads but almost never added any male backing vocals.

    Their voices were a perfect compliment but Thereza’s wall of sound around David gave Dollar their uniqueness. Her harmony parts were very complex, often 3 part harmonies layered up many times each.
  14. Very good points. It's no secret in the early days of Dollar Thereza was a 'reluctant' pop star. Initially it was
    supposed to be David going solo after Guys N Dolls but the record company wanted a duo, as at the time
    there weren't many around. By the time of the Dollar Album Thereza was more of a star than David IMO.
    She always looked sensational and did most of the writing and producing, without her Dollar would have
    fizzled away after the first Album.
  15. You can barely hear Thereza on "Who were you with in the moonlight". The later songs where she sings more are amazing.

  16. A much bigger hit in Ireland than here.

  17. The only TV performance of Haven’t We Said Goodbye Before.
  18. Without giving too much away, I absolutely love both of those above. Give Me Some Kinda Magic is my best discovery of the whole rate. What a bop! I was surprised to see that it wasn't a Trevor Horn production but actually done by David and Thereza themselves, very impressive.
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  19. Of all the singles, ‘Magic’ is the one Thereza wishes had done better. Followed by ‘It’s Nature’s Way’.
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  20. Give Me Some Kinda Magic is brilliant, maybe there were too many Dollar singles out in 1982?
    If you include Mirror Mirror which actually peaked in Jan 82 there were 5 out up to September alone.
    Personally I could never have enough Dollar but maybe the public needed a small break?
    Either way it definitely deserved higher than number 34!
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