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Dollar UK Singles Rate 1978-1988 WINNER REVEALED RATE CLOSED

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by simes1970, Apr 18, 2021.

  1. Dollar medley of Trevor Horn productions.
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  2. Just submitted my scores. Love that I can give an 11 and 12 here!
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  3. Just a reminder that the rate closes at midnight on Monday 31st May. So just over 2 weeks left to vote
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  4. Let's have a mash-up between Dollar & Erasure.
  5. Dollar did it better.
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  6. I far far prefer the Dollar version. Best thing they ever did for me.
  7. So did the record buying public!
  8. Just need to finalise my scores and then I'll be ready to submit. Hopefully tomorrow evening.
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  9. Scores submitted-such a fun rate. I'm hoping my 12 does well. What do you reckon will be first out? I wanna Hold... or something from the Paris Collection I reckon?
  10. Hard to say but I'd guess one of the more forgettable singles from the Paris Collection. Not bad as such but not very memorable either.
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  11. I've just submitted my scores with brief commentary!
    I'm ready for the reveal to being on 31st May!
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  12. Very interesting set of results so far. Hopefully a few more will come in before the deadline. Should anyone need an extra week let me now so I can extend the voting period. Thanks to those that are taking part.
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  13. Reminder that the Dollar Rate will close one week from today at midnight 31st May.
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  14. 20 songs over the weekend? itsjustnotrealistic.gif
    But, looking at the song list (17 or 18 songs) and seeing that only one of them has a track length of over 4 minutes, I may very likely do this. Thanks for the invite!
  15. You won't regret it!
  16. Love’s Gotta Hold On Me does have Thereza’s vocals though. The story is that it was meant to be David, but he tried and it didn’t work - he couldn’t reach the high notes. Thereza then did it and it worked much better, reducing David to one line of lead vocals. Apparently he hated the fact that it was their biggest hit so far and he didn’t sing lead.
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  17. Love Street was a last-minute cash-in by Dollar’s previous record company, Acrobat Records (via Carrere). Dollar had already left the label at the time of its release, so didn’t promote it. They moved to WEA for The Paris Collection.

    In 1982, Carrere tried to benefit from Dollar’s more recent success by re-releasing the Shooting Stars album. They gave it completely new artwork, swapped the sides, added I Wanna Hold Your Hand and laughingly renamed it “The Very Best of Dollar”. The strategy worked as it did re-chart. Ring Ring was never a single originally but was released to promote the album.

    Much later on, all the tracks from Shooting Stars appeared on two compilations along with the 1987/88 tracks. The 2019 boxed set (and separate coloured vinyl release) finally restored the album’s original running order and artwork for the first time since before the 1982 “Very Best of” version.
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  18. Just a reminder you have until midnight 31st May (12AM Tuesday Morning) to get your votes sent in. I will then collate and begin the reveal later in the week on either Wednesday or Thursday and then expect the rate reveal to run roughly a week or just over.
  19. You should have my votes now @simes1970 ! Let me know if there are any issues with the ballot though! Great discoveries, yet again!
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