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Dollar UK Singles Rate 1978-1988 WINNER REVEALED RATE CLOSED

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by simes1970, Apr 18, 2021.

  1. @simes1970, if you could extend the voting for a day or two, I'd be very grateful. Participating in other song contests/rates, hosting a rate, and finding out a bit late about this one made me run out of time.
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  2. Maki, I shall keep the voting open until Wednesday Midnight (Going into Thursday) for anyone that wishes to take part.
  3. Just voted! Some great discoveries (nearly all of them in the second half of the song list) and I especially love Thereza Bazar's sensual yet incredibly sweet and pleasant vocals. I might give her solo album a listen, actually.
    But, to be completely honest, if I used the scoring scale I normally use in rates, none of the songs would get a 10 from me. Instead, I gave an 11 to my favourite discovery and scored the rest between 5.5 and 10 on a slightly more lenient scoring scale.

    Here are my averages per albums:

    Shooting Stars - 7.708
    The Paris Collection - 6.667
    The Dollar Album - 8.800
    Standalone singles - 8.688

    Looking forward to the reveals!
  4. Nice to see some love for Thereza Bazar! She has a gorgeous voice, I find it almost soothing. She brought so much to what made Dollar great and really proves you don't need to have a big belting voice to make a brilliant popstar. If you decide to dig a bit deeper here are my two favourites of her solo singles

  5. Reveal should begin on Saturday if not before.
  6. Time to start the countdown to your favourite Dollar single, that brings us to the track that finishes bottom, not everyone voted for this so I averaged the score out by those who did.
    So at 18th place we have
    You Take My Breath Away Score 68.5 Average 6.22 Highest Score 8 (Berserkboi) Lowest Score 3 (Alan)
    Scores 7.5 (Unameable) 7 (Hairycub1969, Rooneyboy, Maki) 6.75 (Remorque) 6.5 (MilesAngel)
    6 (I'dRatherJack) 5 (Simes1970, Casperfan)

    One of those tracks that I don't remember from the time at all. A nice pop song but doesn't quite get there for me.

    Comments Include
    "The intro is really odd and nothing to do with the song. Nice lead from Thereza-better verses than chorus." (Casperfan)

    "I prefer this to Berlin…I love the intro and arrangement! TH was waiting in the wings to invent the “New Pop” sounds of the 80’s!" (Hairycub1969)

    " I would have definitely gone with Heartbeat (Love me slowly) for the final release from the album, it's easily the strongest song on there and one of Dollars finest ballads. This is ok but again not really strong enough." (Rooneyboy)

    " Gorgeous little melody that takes away from the slightly unpleasant vocals of this one..." (Berserkboi)

    "~ When I heard that circus music at the start, I was prepared for the worst. Turns out, this is sort of an 80's equivalent of 90's bubblegum pop and I'm kinda here for it?" (Maki)

    "I can see why this initially missed the list... It's a bit... just there, innit." (Remorque)
  7. Can't disagree with this being out first as despite listening to the playlist a few times I have absolutely no recollection of how this one goes. Lovely picture of Dame Bazar though!
  8. There are worse songs, but I'm perfectly fine with this one being the first to leave. It's very cute, but quite forgettable and the chorus gets a bit annoying.
  9. The best part of You Take My Breath Away is the steel drums. I quite like the circus music at the start!
    But the melody is muddied and not memorable. The title makes me think of Take My Breath Away by Berlin (obviously that came after), but the comparison is not favourable to Dollar's song.
  10. Did I not score this one? It's cute and probably not my least fav in the rate but I'm not torn to see it go.
  11. She was definitely going for the Debbie Harry look for this campaign, and she definitely suited it!
  12. No surprise this is out first-not a bad song but just fairly forgettablle amongst their other top tier tracks
  13. That picture is giving me Born This Way era Gaga which is no bad thing!
  14. Oops. I never thought mine would be the lowest score for it. Likewise, I never knew this was a single until fairly recently. There are much better songs on The Paris Collection than this. Nice artwork though.

    Someone mentioned this was rare in black vinyl and picture sleeve, and having looked it up, that would seem to be the case. Presumably sufficient quantities produced in picture disc, and its lack of success meant few of the black vinyl version were needed.
  15. Yes of the 14 voters only 11 voted for this so the average was taken from 11 to make it a fair representation. Even with that it still finished last.
  16. This also is the first rate where we have no equal scores so a straight 18 down to the winnwe we shall go with 2 reveals tomorrow.
  17. I always thought Radio would have been a better single. It was the first track on the album so was in prime position and was one of the stronger tracks. It later turned up as the b-side of Mirror Mirror so got a wider audience at that point. Had it been a single, I’d have given it a much higher score than You Take My Breath Away.
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  18. I said as much in the rate ... if Dollar wanted to lead with a Rock sounding song Radio was a much
    better choice than The Girls Are Out To Get Ya.
  19. Time for the next track to leave the rate.Once again for me it's not bad but also not overly strong. So without further ado I give you number 17
    Girls Are Out To Get Ya
    Score 87.75 Average 6.33 Highest Score 9 (Berserkboi) Lowest Score 3 (Hairycub1969)
    Other Scores
    8 (MilesAngel) 7.75 (Remorque) 7 (Rooneyboy, Doodvid, I'dRatherJack, TylerC904)
    6 (Simes1970, Battlebornal, Unameable) 5.5 (CasperFan, Maki) 4 (Alan)

    Comments Include
    "Kind of an image overhaul of sorts, n'est-ce pas? But I'm totally here for it. They're kinda tapping into glam rock here." (Remorque)
    " I know it tries to be catchy and retro and all, but ultimately fails and just gets more and more annoying the longer it goes on. Not a fan." (Maki)
    " Another fun bop! Glad their sound is progressing!" (Berserkboi)
    " An odd choice for lead single from the album as it was a big change of style for Dollar, Rock really wasn't their thing was it? (Though if they were going to lead with a Rock song it should have been Radio) The video was pretty cool though." (Rooneyboy)
    "The backing band do their best New Wave Boomtown Rats as David Van Day does his best Bob Geldof impression! This is dreadful…..sorry!" (Hairycub1969)
    "Terrible title and not really lead single material-not very Dollar sounding. Thereza’s pre-chorus is by far the best bit of the song." (CasperFan)
    “I like this more with the video. Too much of a departure from their sound too fast” (Battlebornal)
  20. 2 tracks leaving the rate today . This is one that I don't like at all. it's not all terrible though. Got my lowest score in the rate. So here is no 16
    Takin' A Chance On You
    Score 89.50 Average 6.39 Highest Score 10 (Unnameable) Lowest Score 3 (Doodvid)
    Other Scores
    8.5 (Berserkboi) 7.5 (Tylerc904) Maki) 7 (Battlebornal, Rooneyboy)
    6 (I'dRatherJack, CasperFan, Hairycub1969, MilesAngel, Remorque)
    5 (Alan) 4 (Simes1970)

    Comments Include
    "“Pretty ballad, may have been better with a Thereza lead” (Battlebornal)
    "Slightly dull production but this is actually quite sweet song and Thereza’s harmonies really lift the song-love the bop-a-bah part. Just think how a Trevor Horn produced version would sound" (CasperFan)
    "Another great pop ballad with an interesting backing/arrangement!" (Hairycub1969)
    "As Phil Oakey once described this, 'restrained but insistent' pleasant enough but again not really strong enough to go anywhere." (Rooneyboy)
    " Another very pretty melody but feels a little like a retread!" (Berserkboi)
    "~ Very pleasant, albeit forgettable. Those high-pitched synths and Thereza's chants are a very good addition and make me bump my score a bit." (Maki)
    "This one's in the same vein as Love's Gotta Hold Of Me and, well, my score reflects that... It's boring as all hell. What were they thinking" (Remorque)
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