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Dolly Parton - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Omar God, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. Yeah, I agree with you re. Carrie. Also, a two cd set (including Scent From Above!!) would've been better
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  2. Pink glitter vinyl is available on Dolly's store. Not showing on the UK store yet though.
  3. A shame she’s not on the cover, even if it was a collage of old images or something.

    Tracklist isn’t bad, there’ll always be omissions when it comes to someone like Dolly, who’s career has been going for over 50 years. Think About Love, But You Know That I Love You, Potential Next Boyfriend, Home, You Can’t Make Old Friends, Joshua, Rockin’ Years & The Grass Is Blue are a few I’d have liked to see but obviously there’s only so much room.
    Really happy to see Red Shoes! Possibly my favourite song she’s put out over the last 20 years.
  4. Well fuck, I’ll never see her then ugh.
  5. I mean, she's 76 and has been touring her whole life, it's understandable.
  6. Looks like we'll have a rock album next year!
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  7. Let’s induct her to the Popjustice Hall of Fame next year to get the disco album!
  8. I'm going to need this on streaming ASAP, I'm obsessed.

    She's confirmed the new album is called 'Rockstar' and will be out "in the fall". The album's going to be a mix of original tracks and covers, some confirmed covers are 'Purple Rain' by Prince, '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction' by the Rolling Stones, 'Freebird' by Lynard Skynard and 'Open Arms' by Journey. She'll also be doing a new version of Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway to Heaven', which was previously on 'Halos and Horns'.

    Dolly also spoke about artists she wants to work with on the album; Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Stevie Nicks, Miley Cyrus and Ed Sheeran.

    If ever there was a time for a Dolly and Cher collaboration, this album would surely be it. It would be pretty iconic too if Dolly managed to coax Tina Turner out of retirement to record a song for the record, what with Tina obviously being the Queen of the genre but that's a pretty wild dream.
  9. I mean she says she could imagine doing small residencies which surely will be pretty hot tickets but it isn't impossible.

    Stuff like this could also be the groundwork for a handful of stadium shows couldn't it? To not advertise it as Farewell but making it feel like it's potentially the last chance.
  10. This was planned but sadly covid stopped the plans. Hopefully this is what she means when she talks about one off performances.
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  11. The Halos and Horns version is unironically one of my favorite things she's ever done. It'll be hard to top, but I'm excited!
  12. The NYE special was amazing. After hearing that Wrecking Ball performance, I’m convinced they need to do an album together.

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  13. I’m hoping I Love Rock N Roll is the collaboration on the album, it sounded great!
  14. I would be here for these cheap dance features if it weren’t for far inferior male vocalists plastering themselves all over when they have *Dolly Parton* right there.

    Stems leak is needed.
  15. If she does 15 stadiums it would be kind of one off for most countries. Could totally see her do this as a huge international final round. With Madonna, Bey, Taylor on the horizon I may need to start to think about cancelling a couple non popstar orientated travels this year.
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  16. This is enjoyable
    Haven't they done a full album hmmm
  17. Too bad she only sings in the background on the chorus
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  18. Dolly confirmed she's finished a collaboration with Stevie Nicks for the album! Paul McCartney's also going to be on the album.

    In even more exciting news?

    I really hope this comes to fruition because I will combust!
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