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Dolly Rockers - Boys Will Be Boys (Second Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. This is a hit!
    Follow this with 'How Did I...' and we are on track...
  2. I really, really love it. It deserves to be a hit.
  3. LOVE IT.

    Thoughts: I love the abrupt start, goes into the chorus a little soon, which makes it seem short than it is... It's a catchy song, I hope it does something for them!
  4. Sounds like a cheap jump on the Kelly Clarkson bandwagon.

  5. ana


    The verses on this kind of remind me of Brooke Valentine's "I Want You Dead" (which is totally amazing).
  6. YES! this is good
    Better than Gold Digger
    Fingers crossed it will work for them this time!
  7. Should've been How Did I..

  8. I couldn't quite pin what it reminded me of - and it is that. I love that Brooke Valentine track - if that was a Lady Gaga track, it'd be a masiive hit....

    Not sure about this Dolly track - it's not as quirky as the last one, but also not as obvious as 'How Did I...' - a slightly risky choice I think....
  9. How Did I...should have been the second single though, I agree. (or even the first!)
    Why does no-one listen to us?!
  10. Do you think it is Radio friendly?
  11. The production's very now - my main problem is that it's quite hard to ditinguish between the verses and the chorus, I was actually midway through the first chorus before I actually realised it was the chorus....
  12. It sounds like The Veronicas.
  13. It's a good song, I didn't like the start but then I got into it more as it went along and now I really like it.
    How Did I End Up With You is amazing and would probably be a better single but hopefully they'll release it at some point anyway.

    I love the Dolly Rockers!!
  15. amazing, love it, the chorus is massive. i love what i think is the line about a trust fund bitch?
  16. Yep the line is: "You tell your friends you're so rich but you're just daddy's trust fund bitch"
  17. It is okay, it is very Pink + Veronicas + Kelly Clarkson, should have released How Did however. Hope it does well just so I can see that get a release.
  18. Their faux accents and anti-rich people stance just put me off. It's all so fake.
  19. Popjustice

    Popjustice Staff Member

    Whether it's fake or not doesn't really matter, it's whether it works or not.

    Does it work? Or not?
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