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Dolly Style - Young & Restless

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. It doesn't get much more Scandi and bubblegum than this. Sounds a bit Disney teen choice and vocally the lead singer reminds me, oddly, of Chynna Phillips at times.
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  2. They're so over-the-top bubblegum and I love it. Of course, 'Cherry Gum' is my fave forever!

    (Thanks @DJHazey!)
  3. ssa


    My God. Not them even on Popjustice.

    They're a nightmare every single year in Sweden.
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  4. Hello Hi remains that bop x
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  5. Rollercoaster is about 600 times better than whatever that shit was that Sweden sent to Eurovision last year.
    But the desperation in the lead singer girl's eyes in deeply unsettling.
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  6. The dancing panda bear at 2:12 is the best thing on the internet.
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  7. Now with video.
  8. I love Dolly Style! They are my guilty pleasure!
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  9. You won't hear me when I come, when I pop my cherry gum ... OK doke ...
  10. Okay, Bye Bye Bby Boo is actually really good. So much so that it justifies having to see that creepy album art every time I play it.
  11. New tune 'Moonlight' is a gimmick free bop.
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  12. I like Moonlight. Glitter isn't bad either. Pure unashamed pop music!
  13. Video isn't available in the USA! Boo!
  14. What line up are they on now?
  15. I think I prefer L-O-V-E. What the world really needed was a bubblegum 'Style' wannabe.
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