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Donna Summer

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Set looks amazing! I'm in.
  2. Does anyone know where the cover originates from? It's so cute.
  3. I wonder if it was the original album cover as intended?
  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    It's always been reported that the original album art was lost, but I've also never seen these photos before... so hmmm.
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  5. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Can they just release Crayons on vinyl!? The fuck.
  6. Pre ordered both the CD book set and vinyl, looks good!

  7. This is truly amazing and needs to be on streaming with all it's various remixes asap.
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  8. I really want to be excited about this release, I’ve only been a fan for a year but that’s enough time to constantly wonder what could have been with this album.
    I haven’t listened to it much, but judging by songs they’ve eliminated and kept Don’t Cry For Me Argentina instead, I’m concerned, also the past remix project not being a success, but I really want this to be amazing.
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  9. Surprised they didn't do remixes for the bops Melanie and People Talk.
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  10. To be honest, never given I'm A Rainbow much notice/play, so this will be all near enough new to me.
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  11. I’m afraid I’m with you, I’m slightly disappointed. Although the package looks great and I do appreciate the effort, it’s basically a one disc remix album of half the album. With some of the best tracks missing (like Melanie, People Talk & Runner With The Pack). Even though we have three versions the full album already I still think they could’ve included the whole thing again on top of the remix set.

    I’ve been obsessed with the album for a long time, so ideally I’ve been dreaming about a reissue which properly looked for every bit of info on the album. Including the album art work, which I still suspect was used for her following Quincy Jones album, those pics were filled with rainbow themes!

    1C063268-888D-4D56-9DF4-089358A6F1E4.jpeg 04FCEA3A-8E4E-43EA-B345-FD9F2D5E1BC8.jpeg 39F85777-53B4-4935-BA79-E22C7D6913D3.jpeg 99AF73CB-CF52-4DC1-AD9F-97FEE084EF09.jpeg

    If the album was only weeks or a couple of months from being released, surely they had some kind of idea of future singles, the track order etc. The version we’ve gotten since the first release feels like the songs were thrown in in random order and I find it hard to believe they would’ve gone with that order in 1981. Somewhere in the vaults there must be some information or someone who would know. A revamped tracklist would’ve been amazing.

    So sadly I do feel this release is only half of what it could’ve been.
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  12. Wonder whey they have only gone for 10 tracks?
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  13. I actually live that remix album!

  14. First single is out from the new re issue of I'm A Rainbow. A bit mixed about this, may be a grower.

  15. Bit obsessed with this gem lately. By far the best version of this song.
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