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Donna Summer

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. It is, with extra cowbell. I do wish they'd kept the sax riff though.
  2. So I’ve just listened to the Donna Summer album for the first time and…I’m a Rainbow was the better project.
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  3. The Donna Summer album, is not one of her best, certainly from the 80s. Good few singles and that's about it.
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  4. The thing about the self-titled album is it's mostly blah, but State of Independence. Whew. I think it's one of the best productions of the '80s. So powerful. A pre-cursor to We are the World with an all-star backing choir (and Quincy Jones as producer). And far superior, too.
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  5. Yes, truly an iconic moment for Donna this and then some.
  6. The self titled is my least favorite of her 80's albums. It has great moments but is rather bland overall.
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  7. It’s just strange because I like Donna, and I like a lot of Quincy Jones’ 80s productions, but the both of them together just did nothing for me outside of one or two tracks.
  8. I've just listened to I'm a Rainbow - Recovered & Recoloured, and it's a nice surprise. Some of the tweaking falls flat, but there's just enough inspiration to make this fun. Back Where You Belong has been reborn, and I love how forward in the mix her vocals are here - and rightfully so!

    Mysteriously, my vinyl is opaque blue rather than clear as advertised, but I'm not unhappy about it.
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  9. Looking forward to the CD edition finally coming out this month too!
  10. I’m still confused about the blue vinyl being released for National Album Day last month, but still not fully released on streaming and the CD not being out.
    Surely this will impact the charts position as I’m sure a lot of fans would have just bought this vinyl last month.
  11. Finished listening to all of Donna’s discography and Crayon’s is quite good isn’t it?
  12. Yes, shame it was alas her final ever studio album too. Always think the gap of studio albums between 1991-2008, was such a waste.
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  13. I hate that huge gap between studio albums too. Donna should have been a 90s dancefloor diva, her voice was made for those big anthemic house songs.
  14. When you consider how many early 90s songs sampled/stole from the disco the greats, and the number of guest vocal performances - Donna could really have reinvented dance music again with great tracks to dance to.
  15. Exactly that. Hey ho.
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  16. Yes! When I was discovering her back catalogue last year I was really surprised there was pretty much a cut off after 1994 when those new songs on Endless Summer pretty much summed up what I’d expect from 90s Donna Summer, shame we didn’t get more from her that decade.
  17. Melody Of Love, what fantastic song.
  18. So after some review, I think I can say that Bad Girls, All Systems Go, and Crayons are my favourites from Donna, while A Love Trilogy, Donna Summer, and Mistaken Identity were probably my least favourites.
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  19. Bad Girls, is truly a masterpiece. Still sounds fresh even now. And that artwork:

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  20. Exactly. Con Te Partiró... the girls didn't know what hit them.
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