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Donna Summer

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. There was a thread where someone listed her unreleased 90s albums:

    The Sony album had a release date of October 2000 as reported by Billboard:"donna summer&f=false
  2. Thanks for these!

    We NEED especially that 2000 dance album released. And I'm very intrigued by the David Foster and 2nd PWL Gary Miller etc. albums as well. Guess My Life is from the latter one then.
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  3. I didn't know she recorded an album with David Foster. It kind of makes sense since she appeared on one of those Foster & Friends specials.
  4. Still love this performance that came with David Foster in 2011. Mad to think she would pass away just the following year.
  5. Someone claims in one of those old threads that she bought back the rights for the 2000 album. If that's true, I wonder if her estate has looked into trying to release it.
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  6. Would make sense for them if they could release it. I think alot of fans would buy it for sure.
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  7. I certainly hope they've looked into it and understand what a possible gem they hold in their hands. I just fear they're too busy rereleasing the albums we already own multiple times! As much as I love Donna Summer 1982, I really don't need a picture LP version of it (even if it was just an RSD release). That said I do want a book case version of the album like they've done for Another Place And Time, The Wanderer, I'm A Rainbow & A Hot Summer Night, but with my luck this is the one they'll skip...
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  8. I wouldn't be too surprised, if a 40th anniversary book style CD release of Donna Summer comes our way later this year with new remixes.
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  9. I am sure they will just keep re-releasing stuff with an "unreleased song" tacked on (when they have more in the vaults). Although, from what I have heard, Donna doesn't have a lot in the vaults? What they recorded was pretty much was on her albums? She didn't seem to record massive amounts of songs and then pare them down like Prince or Michael Jackson.
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  10. I watched Thank God It's Friday last night for the first time ever. Very much of it's time of course, but I actually quite enjoyed it! Donna naturally, stole the whole thing, looking and sounding so beautiful as always. She was also rather funny it in it too. Gave the world the my favourite ever Donna Summer too, the divine Last Dance. So, always thankful for that alone:
  11. Thank God It's Friday is one of the worst films I've ever seen - I loved it!

    My favourite thing about it is two of my idols starring in the same film together - Donna Summer and Doris from Fame!

  12. Thank God It's Friday has one of the most iconic casts in film history:

    Our beloved Queen Donna, then Oscar-nominated actress Debra Winger, Jeff Goldblum, Terri Nunn from Berlin, and of course our beloved Doris, Valerie Landsburg. And let's not forget Lionel Richie pops up as part of the Commodores.
  13. Thank God It's Friday, is truly so naft and yet so good!!
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  14. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

  15. Donna's voice was pure magic.
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