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Don't Forget To Rate Me - The Jamelia Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Holly Something, Feb 10, 2020.

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    Welcome to the Jamelia Discography Rate!

    Jamelia Niela Davis is an English singer, songwriter and television presenter. She has released three studio albums (Drama, Thank You and Walk With Me), and has released 14 singles, from her debut single So High in 1999 through to No More in 2007. In addition, Jamelia has won four MOBO Awards, a Q Award and has received nine BRIT Award nominations.

    The songs will be split between 5 sections: The 3 studio albums, an extras section (mostly b-sides) and a remixes section.

    Each song gets a score of between 0 and 10, with one lucky song getting your 11.
    Decimal points of .25, .5 and .75 will be allowed (especially helpful when splitting ties).

    Commentary is encouraged, but not essential. I would appreciate commentary for at least your 11 and maybe anything you really love (10's) or really loathe (0's).

    Song List
    (This list should be PM-able)


    Money feat. Beenie Man
    Call Me
    Not With You
    Boy Next Door
    One Day
    Thinking 'Bout You
    I Do
    Room 101
    I Can't Be
    This Time

    Thank You

    Thank You
    See It In A Boy's Eyes
    Dirty Dirty
    Club Hoppin
    Bout feat. Rah Digga
    Off Da Endz feat. Asher D

    Walk With Me

    Something About You
    Do Me Right feat. Afrika Bambaataa
    Window Shopping
    Know My Name
    No More
    Ain't A Love
    La La Love
    Get Up, Get Out
    Beware Of The Dog
    Got It So Good
    Hustle feat. Sway
    Tripping Over You


    So High
    Big Girl (Call Me B-Side)
    Universal Prayer (with Tiziano Ferro)
    Girlfriend (Bout B-Side)
    Sameish (Thank You B-Side)
    Bad (Thank You B-Side)
    Numb; Live Lounge (See It In A Boy's Eyes B-Side)
    Stop (Bridget Jones 2 Soundtrack)
    Last Christmas (DJ/Stop B-Side)
    Love Me (Something About You B-Side)
    Real Love (Beware Of The Dog B-Side)


    Money feat. Beenie Man; Emmanuel Remix
    Call Me; Jonuz Deep Cover Mix
    Ayo Superstar
    Thank You; Duet Version with Singuila
    See It In A Boy's Eyes; JD Rework
    Bounce; Mizchif Makaz Mix
    Something About You; H-Money Refix
    Beware Of The Dog; Stuart Crichton Mix
    No More; Stuart Crichton 3am Mix

    That is a total of 60 songs to score, and you will have a 5 week voting period to do so.

    Almost all of the songs are in the following Spotify playlist. The 7 not on Spotify are below:

    So High
    Big Girl (Call Me B-Side)
    Girlfriend (Bout B-Side)
    Bad (Thank You B-Side)
    Numb; Live Lounge (See It In A Boy's Eyes B-Side)
    Ayo Superstar
    See It In A Boy's Eyes; JD Rework

    Voting closes on Monday 30th March at 9pm GMT.

    Tag anyone you think will be interested, and happy voting y'all!​
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  2. I'll tag everyone who's expressed interest in the rate queue thread plus anyone who has posted in the Jamelia thread. Feel free to tell anyone you think may want to take part.
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  3. The watch forum function warning me the second this rate appeared... thank you @londonrain!

    I'm extremely here for this. I love her second and third albums and the singles from the first one, but I've never heard the rest of the first album or most of the extras, so definitely curious to discover those.
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  5. I'll be doing this and delivering harsh pars on anyone who gives bad scores to her many iconic songs.
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  6. I'M YOURS


    Hopefully the rightful winner won't be done dirty like in the P!nk rate
  7. Speaking of which, don't you have some other scores you should be sending?
  8. I've literally opened the spotify playlist 1 minute ago! I already scored the half of the songs that I know by heart thankfully.
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  9. Same! @berserkboi, you didn't have to tag me this time, hehe.

    Unfortunately, I doubt that I'll be able to do this rate. We'll see...
  10. Well hello there!

    Let me throw in a question right away. Is there a version of Money without Beenie Man? If not... Poor dat.
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  11. The due date being my birthday. The synchronicity!
  12. Yeah I need to do this.
  13. Can I just dip in to say I was dancing next to Jamelia as she was in turn dancing to a live set by Beverley Knight last November in Birmingham? Thanks xoxo

    (she also had a crack at an impromptu acapella version of ‘Superstar’, bless her)
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  14. I don't know, but it's a 10 regardless. x
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  15. I discovered "Money" on this forum for the first time (I think @soratami brought it up somewhere) and fell in love with it immediately.
    It's definitely a 10 for me.
  16. Count me in.
    I just listened to Thank You & Walk With Me for the first time in December and I liked them both.
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  17. Has you tried the Window Shopping yet? The Window Shopping is great!!! :D

    @Holly Something - I don’t know how we worked this out but between your Jamelia Rate and my Anime Rate - Monsieur Jean-Jacques Burnel is getting more exposure on PopJustice than he could ever dream of! Lol
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