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Don't You Forget About These: 1980s Soundtracks

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by nlgbbbblth, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Don’t You Forget About These is my personal look back at film soundtracks from the 1980s. The emphasis is primarily on under-appreciated songs, ones that have either slipped under the radar or never got the acclaim they deserved. Remember that a bad movie can often have great tunes on its soundtrack album. This project is split into 12 parts (the last two are instrumental) and will unfold at regular intervals throughout 2018.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Part 1 will uploaded to Mixcloud on 14 February.
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  3. Curious as to what the Bowie track will be. Could choose several!
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  4. When the wind blows
    This is not America
    Absolute Beginners
    Cat people (putting out fire)

    Take your pick....
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  5. Part 1

    David Bowie is the first track.
  6. Something Wild soundtrack CD is an old favourite - brilliant film too. Tracks will feature in later parts.
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  7. Fine choice.
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  8. Was this the film with a Blow Monkeys single?
  9. Don't think so. There's a load of songs in Something Wild - only about a quarter made the soundtrack LP.
    The Blow Monkeys had a single in 1987 Some Kind Of Wonderful - same title as the film
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  10. Ah, that's the connection my memory was making! I also remember seeing a music video with clips from Something I wonder what that was...not Fine Young Cannibals?
  11. Married to the Mob is another great soundtrack, Demme again. He always had great soundtracks.
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  12. Jonathan Demme was also the director of the brilliant Talking Heads Concert/film from Dec 1983 "Stop making sense" - one of my all time favourite Music Movies EVER - worth it's price alone for "Pyscho Killer" "Burning down the house" "Once in a lifetime" and the first minute of "Crosseyed and Painless" - which invented the whole concept of white, nerdy geeks getting "funky" with black musicians on stage - alternative/new wave music made funky...interesting that later on the Happy Mondays would choose the rhythm section of Talking Heads to produce one of their albums...
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  13. There's one on You Tube of the FYC doing Ever Fallen In Love from Something Wild - not sure if it's official though
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  14. At least I wasn't imagining it!
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  15. FYC also had a couple of their songs and were in scenes in the 1987 film "Tin Men"
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  16. Gonna give this a listen asap.

    I've actually been thinking about starting a fantasy 80s soundtrack thread where we can build our perfect soundtracks to 80s films that never were... I'll probs start it soon so if anyone's up for it get yer tracks ready... you'll need a title for your film or at least tell us the genre it's in and if ya want to go to town, even name the director you've chosen and the cast list... with maybe a description of the scenes that go with each choon. Might open it up to 90s as well but def keeping it PS.
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  17. Great idea Zarjazz!
  18. [​IMG]

    Part 2 will be uploaded to Mixcloud on 28 February.
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  19. Prince 1999
    The Breakfast Club
    Simple Minds - Don't you (forget about me)
    David Bowie - Changes

    "Young man - have you finished your paper?"
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