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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by indiepopgirl, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. A new Dutch artist who recorded his record in London and Los Angeles with Sacha Skarbek, Martin Terefe and Bill Lefler. It's the first leak of his album, not an official single, but the radio has picked this song up and it's starting to become a radio hit...

    Check it out and judge yourself :
  2. Dutchies!

    couple of Dutch artists broke internationally, Within Temptation, Caro Emerald, Alain Clark and feel there another one coming up, Dotan
    Like the video for sure, opposite to all the whamglamvids...
  3. Re: Dutchies!

    Thank you for trying to plug this song of mediocre quality, the beautiful font selection on the video was enough to keep me entertained.

    I think Minheer Dotan can get a job writing lyrics for Cheryl Cole if his career goes nowhere, he has the correct level of banality and facile rhyming.
  4. What a great song! This has the potential to become a hitrecord! I also visited his website, and the album releases in April.. Can''t wait!
  5. This thread sounds ripe to head for Street Team land.
  6. "I don'tcare. I want an iphonefour!"
  7. So this man has just been exposed by a Dutch newspaper for having a whole army of fake troll accounts praising him and his music, all set up by himself and his manager. He'd also planted a false story about him interacting with a fan who was in the final stages of leukemia... The whole things is wild and very Lucia Cole.

    "It's December 29, 2015 when Karel Leegwater (this name sounds equally implausible in Dutch) posts a heartbreaking story on Facebook. He describes how he attended a performance by singer-songwriter Dotan in the Ziggo Dome with his terminally ill brother Aron eight days earlier. Aron is not doing well, Karel writes: he has leukemia and, according to the doctors, he has reached the final stage of his life.

    Aron had one last wish: to see Dotan play live. Maybe even meet him. Karel knows that's not easy, because of his brother's poor health. After the concert he asks security if he can arrange a meet-and-greet with Dotan, but he sees that more people want something from the singer. On Facebook, Leegwater describes how 'thousands of people' beg for Dotan's signature. 'Satisfied, but also a little disappointed' they walk back to one of the many parking garages around the Ziggo Dome.

    Half an hour later someone taps on the window of the car: it's Dotan. 'He was told about Aron by security, and wanted to do everything he could to meet my brother', Karel writes. The singer and Aron speak with each other, with Dotan lovingly holding his hand. And if that's not enough, the sick boy will receive a personal video message later on. In it, Dotan thanks him for attending his performance.

    Karel Leegwater lacks words to describe what he feels: 'Dotan is a wonderful person, a world class artist and an example for many artists and people in 2015.' And thanks to the meeting, his brother suddenly gained strength and hope again: 'Aron is happier than ever and will fight for his life again.'

    The message causes a stir on social media. The post on Facebook gains hundreds of likes, with Karel sharing it on Dotan's timeline. Many publications pay attention to the meeting between the singer and the sick boy. The Ziggo Dome shares the 'special' story on its Twitter page. The concert hall considers it worthy of a 'deep respect for this artist'.

    Dotan's fans are also moved. 'Most special story this month. I am so proud to be a fan of you and your music', tweets Ineke D.
    'Respect for @DotanMusic', @ triexi0711.
    'Wow ... this story will grab you', writes @Peggyvandenberg.

    What they do not know is that the critically ill Aron Leegwater and his brother Karel don't exist at all. And that this meeting with Dotan never happened."


    "Marlous Hoogendoorn got to know Dotan in 2012. She was proud that she could work for him, as an aspiring A list artist. And as we interview her, she admits it. She was responsible for the creation of 45 troll accounts, which aimed to promote Dotan on Facebook and Twitter. She says she doesn't know how the other 100 false profiles have come into the world.

    Hoogendoorn says she got herself stuck in Dotan's trap. 'I should never have started this', she says, when she is confronted in an Amsterdam coffee shop with what she has tried to hide away for years. She says she has created the profiles one by one on behalf of Dotan.

    The password was the same for all accounts - that's how she could quickly share photos and messages from Dotan with multiple accounts. She also used the 'trolls' to request songs from Dotan from Dutch and German radio stations. And to criticize other artists, for example when K3 covered a song from Dotan on the radio in April 2014.

    That's how it went time and time again, she says. "If he had heard himself on the radio, he contacted me. That's we had to push." Pushing, reacting massively with the fake accounts, requesting radio stations to play more of his songs.

    She didn't go any further than that, she says. She denies that she has ever engaged in attacking other artists or coming up with encounters with sick fans: "I would never do anything like that."

    However, she admits that she did create the profile 'Kelly Vermeer', for which a photo was used that belongs to a deceased Belgian woman. "But I never knew that." She says she found the photo by simply typing in the word 'woman' on Google Images."

    Anyway, I went and checked Popjustice for a thread I could post this story in, and was delighted to find this mess, with the top 3 commenters clearly being fake as hell! Can't believe his reach extends to 7 year old PopJustice threads. When will your faves?
  8. I read about this today and when I saw the thread I thought this petty Dutch drama was not interesting enough to be discussed on PJ....then I saw the first few posts. SCREAM. He really tried.
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  9. I'm living for the similar grammatical errors.
    Are you kidding? I've been in a rabbit hole of articles about this for two hours and I'm wildly entertained. The audacity of some of the shit he made up... iconic and shameless.
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  10. This has honestly made my night. What a bizarre long con. Iconic.
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  11. Luigi Masi could neva!
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  12. Just googled Luigi Masi and got a photo of Glozell??? I feel like I'm losing my mind.
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  13. I came here because I saw you and I thought this would be good.

    It was.
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  14. Oh my god they spoke about these exact same grammar mistakes in one of the articles as he makes them on his Twitter. He was among us, girls. He was in our presence.

    I hope he fucks off now, cause some of the shit he made up is out of line.
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  15. I'm honoured that I took the time to laugh at his crap street teamery 7 years ago.
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  16. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Nooo at the second user (literally) being called 'not feeling like this'.
    You make up 140 fake Facebook profiles but you feel too lazy to come up with a username? Must try harder.
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  17. dddd I read this in the paper last weekend and it was here too. Fucking mess.
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