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Dove Cameron - Boyfriend & Deleted Past Discography

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by lushLuck, Apr 2, 2021.

  1. The song also reaches a new peak at #13 in the UK this week. Chart run so far: 14-16-{13}
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  2. RMK


    Did she remove all her old music because of this one’s success? Dd
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  4. Mess.
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  5. I'm out.

    What a stupid move!
  6. Looks like it. The songs weren’t really known outside of her small fanbase/people who frequent forums like this one. I wonder if it’ll ever get addressed when she inevitably does more press for this song and subsequent music releases.
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  7. Maybe she wants to say "Boyfriend" is her debut single. She wouldn't be the first to do that...

    Anyway, I feel the move is disrespectful for composers and producers and everybody involved in her previous releases. I mean, composers of those tracks won't be making money from streaming anymore, right?
  8. It seems like such a dumb move because now when people go to her page to see if she's done anything beyond Boyfriend, they'll find... her Disney stuff. Surely it would've been better to have her other recent stuff crowding that out so people wouldn't see it (at least right away)?
  9. RMK


    I don't think it was crowding it, the Disney stuff was always more popular. It's more impressive to go for a striking change, and make it seem like she wasn't trying to differentiate her music from them for years. That's the motive. It's just.. Beyond shameless.
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  10. Not LazyBaby!! That was a staple on my boogie woogie disco revival (that’s right) playlist. Surely nothing she’s released was that embarrassing or sonically dissimilar to Boyfriend? It’s hardly a radical departure. What a bummer - seems like such a misguided move. Off to Dbree I go.
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  11. The loss of LazyBaby truly pains me.
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  12. I bought all her solo singles on iTunes, except LazyBaby and Boyfriend. Now I won't be able to complete my collection.

    Until she changes ber strategy and brings her "catalogue" back...
  13. Not this thread title!
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  15. She doesn't know who she is as an artist.

    Instead, she is just sticking to something that sells, but it doesn't mean anything. Poor thing.
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  16. RMK


    Yes, Ron Perry coincidentally says you found yourself. It's bringing in numbers (dd).
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