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Drag Race Down Under

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Aug 27, 2019.

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  2. Give me Enigma or some up and coming Melbourne talent please.

    I feel like Karen From Finance has quite a following and the Drag Race connections so I could see that happening.
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  3. All my usual tea-spillers are pretty much outright saying Ru isn't going to be hosting and will be more in line with Drag race Thailand so they will have little to no knowledge or involvement of the show.

    Courtney is an obvious choice and I don't think Dame Edna wants anything to do with it (which is fine by me).
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  4. Another iteration of Drag Race?

  5. I'm absolutely fine without Ru's involvement; Drag Race Thailand, while it follows an identical format, feels fresh, and part of that is because Ru doesn't go anywhere near it. So if Australia can find hosts as wonderful as Art Arya and Pangina Heals, then I'm happy.

    As for guest judges; I request Vera Blue, with a Lady Powers lip-synch to follow.
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  6. The only Aussie drag queen (at least I think she's a drag queen) I follow is Cherylyn Barnes.

    She even has royal approval.
  7. I’d love to see Hannah Conda or Feminem appear on the show...
  8. Jojo Zaho from Newcastle is a must. She is STUNNING.

    I'd also love Scarlett Fever from Brisbane or Scarlett Adams from Perth.

    If it's all mostly Sydney queens then it's a no from me. The only need is Hannah Conda.
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  9. A few names I've seen crop up on Instagram are Minnie Cooper, Sia Tequila, Charisma Belle and Etcetera Etcetera, all of whom seem to be from Sydney. I'm guessing Sydney will be to DRA as New York is to RPDR?
  10. Can we get Gina Liano to be the host since RHOM seems to be dead?
  11. Yeah after seeing Edna spew racist ‘jokes’ during a filming last month and everything else she’s said against the community, she can rot.

    Some guest judges I’d love to see however, would be Dannii Minogue, Gina Liano (RHOMelbourne’s own gay icon/honorary drag queen), Dami Im, Sophie Monk and Kath & Kim.

    Dami’s ‘Sound Of Silence’ as a LSFYL has to happen.
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  12. What are the chances of getting this Aussie gem as a lipsynch?
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  13. HIGH.


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  14. And also
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  15. This might sound like a stupid statement, but I’ve always wondered who Cherylyn Barnes is. Usually with drag queens you can find some info on them out of drag, but there’s nothing on Cherylyn. I’m not convinced she isn’t a real person ...
  16. Please and thank you.

    And Dannii as a judge too.
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  17. LPT


    Vanity Fair !

  18. Off to pray that it remains high!

    For Delta, I think I'd prefer Believe Again, there's so much potential for a dramatic lip-synch.
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  19. Only if the episode one design challenge is to create an outfit based on one of Vanessa’s looks from the original music video.
  20. Vanessa had enough looks from the 3 videos to Absolutely Everybody to warrant a runway week

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