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Drag Race Down Under

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. matthew.

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  2. I always wanted my drag name to be Miss Andry.
  3. Sia Tequila is stunning.


    *Believe Again.
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  4. My bad, I had Purity Ring on while typing.
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  5. Any of the ladies from this iconic film clip making it through would be a dream for me!


  6. The ONLY Australian song that matters.
  7. Not when this monumental gay anthem is right there!

    (P.s. Ricki-Lee would be an amazing guest judge for this)
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  8. So a friend of mine knows a few people in Sydney, including someone who works in the drag scene there and he knows two queens who got the call;
    Coco Jumbo and Etcetera Etcetera.

    The casting process was done by producers looking through social media to find local legends.
    Which would mean a season of established queens.

    Apparently, they are just waiting on a couple more names to accept, and they'll begin filming.

    No word on a host yet.
  9. I've been told filming has already begun....? I'm near Sydney. Casting was done ages ago.
    They even have names pulled for a second season.
  10. Yeah, asked my mate about this last night; looks like he was sent that message a while back, and just didn't bother reading it.
    Looks like we could be set for a mid-late year premiere.
  11. I'm wondering what network will pick it up? I guess Nine since they already own Stan... though I did meet someone who works at Seven who was hoping that they would try to secure the rights.
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  12. Official Cast:

    Yes! Karen from Finance!

  13. Where's the official element nn
  14. Art Simone is gonna slay!!
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    Not her casually dropping in a Monique Heart quote.
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  16. I mean having something on potentially a huge scale not only leave the state but the country is amazing. Especially when other shows are shipping in full production to Australia.

    The fact it's been changed to Down Under due to it being New Zealand sucks for Australia.
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  17. I don’t get why they chose to film in NZ, could have easily filmed here in Queensland if they had too.
  18. The New Zealand government is really behind attracting international productions/films to film here. Financially, etc...
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