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Drag Race Down Under

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Sad Anita and her adorably insane wouldn't-want-to-see-her-grinning-through-my-window-at-midnight smiling is gone.
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  2. This season is shaping up disastrously. I always feel deflated after watching each episode.
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  3. Just watched episode 4 and I'm not anymore.
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  4. I've been to Connies before and you can feel the racist energy as soon as you walk in. I'm POC and FELT IT RIGHT AWAY. We just booked and left 5 mins in after half a drink. But Perth in general is veryyy racist.
  5. These stores nn. Maybe I'll stop trying to convince my boyfriend to move to Australia.
  6. The gasp and full on rant my Mum let out when Anita was eliminated. Don't piss of menopausal Scottish women, it's scary.
    I loved Anita so much and hers was my favourite outfit along with Maxi.
  7. It's going to pretty much drag (no pun intended) itself to the finish line, and it's come at not a particularly great time. We're not too long off the back of one of the best seasons of all time (DRUK 2 - an 'international' one nonetheless), but AS6 hype has seemingly kicked in pretty strongly with the fantastic promo, and if DRES is even pretty decent, it'll show Down Under up even further.

    It's a shame, because I imagine there is a wonderful level of talent across both countries that would ignite on TV, but the casting, editing, and overall vibe here is just off. I imagine its frosty reception could possibly inhibit future seasons, which would be disappointing.
  8. Like most Drag Race seasons nowadays, it seems that the producers have an idea of who they want to get to the Top 3/Top 4, and engineer it so that happens. I miss the early days where it was more organic, and the producers let the queens' performances' speak for themselves.

    Your Mum is a woman after my own heart.
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  9. Move to Melbourne x
  10. Raja and Raven loved her look too, Raga said it was 'wearable art.'

  11. It is not just reality TV shows.

    Even if you compare down under soaps like New Zealand's Shortland Street to Australia's Home & Away or Neighbours, there is a huge difference.

    Shortland Street's cast has shown huge diversity right from the start in the early 1990's and it took the Aussie soaps almost a decade to start to catch up. Not just racially but with LGBTIQ+ characters also.
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  12. I’m just catching up and are they all just a bit mean spirited?
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  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Except Maxi, pretty much.
  14. The main issue is that the pegged frontrunners (Scarlett, Art, Karen) are also the least interesting and least likeable cast members, while every early out feels like a huge loss.

    I also think it's worth saying that Elektra is awful and brings nothing to the table besides being whiny, inarticulate and busted, she absolutely lost the lip sync against Coco. She's basically the Rebecca Glasscock/Abbey OMG/Ellie Diamond 'underdog' of Down Under and it's a trope I cannot stand.
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  15. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Crocodile tears over the blackface incidents finally being brought up. Two “ads” “toeing the line”, but the one made by the only queen with any gumption to call out blackface landing her in the bottom. Karen from Finance serving Tina Burner and trying to pass it off as “activism”. RuPaul serving Ellen DeGeneres.

    Maybe those kiis aren’t worth my time after all.
  16. FINALLY, 'Absolutely Everybody' got a moment to shine!
    I'm a bit sad to see Etcetera leave so soon, but I couldn't take my eyes off Maxi - no desperate acrobatics or OTT shenanigans, just a queen having campy fun on stage with a fantastic song.
  17. nn I thought I'd hate Maxi but she's the only queen I like this season, oop my bad!
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  18. I live for Elektra living in a constant state of pressedry.

    Kinda surprised at Scarlett being the one who brought up her own stupidity when the question was put out. And the show getting wind of it and putting her on the spot on the main stage? That's a first. Imagine if they had done that to SP and eliminate her on the spot. Ugg.

    Etcetera deserves the world.
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  19. This was always going to be a bit of a comedown after the iconique, all-killer-no-filler second season of Drag Race UK, wasn't it? The fact that very few of the queens are - and I'm choosing my words carefully here, assuming that it's mostly post-production/editing tomfoolery at play - being painted in a particularly sympathetic light doesn't help either, though.
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  20. I thought Etcetera’s ad was the best and I don’t think it went too far at all. I think it was the funniest ad of them all. Besides the Rigor Morris for Karen and Art, am I missing something?
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