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Drag Race Down Under

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. I haven’t been as annoyed about producer riggory and buffoonery since they shunted Shuga in the bottom.

    In what world was that the bottom two? Kita’s show was great?! If you’re gonna go on record saying all five outfits are iconic then you’re going to have to judge on the talent on display... which would quite clearly have Karen in the bottom, and probably Karen and Art at that.

    It just became very apparent they wanted to save their favourites who they knew wouldn’t win a lip sync conceivably, and upset Kita’s great track record. It makes a mockery really.
  2. more than that, she’s ratio’d - with most people just saying ‘no’.
  3. Finally caught up on this, I feel like a lot has been said about this season already, and with a few tweaks and changes they can really take it to the next level if it gets picked up for a second season, but the thing that annoys me the most is Ru’s obvious lack of knowledge about Aussie and Kiwi culture (and I’m not even from Australia or NZ). The “Aussie Aussie Aussie” every fucking time before they start the giving them critiques really annoys me, it’s so out of context and disrespectful even? Considering there are also Kiwi queens on the show...mess
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  4. 3 illegitimate options in the Top 4, we hate to see it.
    They could've easily have just not done some bullshit with eliminating Art that was clearly all for storyline to them. And then had her be the winner. But now even that feels wrong.
    And we are NOT crowning anyone with a racist controversy.
    So like... Mess, Absolute mess.
  5. There are major issues with production and editing this season (what is it with this show and sound effects?) But the Queens themselves have been a big issue too, they just aren't that likable? And maybe it is the edit but a majority have come across and either mean, boring or bland to me.
  6. Twitter overwhelmingly supporting Kita

    I say that’s my baby and I’m so proud
  7. “I’ve never danced the pole before”

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  8. To be fair I think he said 'performed', which I understood to mean that he'd never done a public performance (unlike the blackface which got many public outings...)
  9. The only reason why Kita was in the bottom was to add to the drama of a lip sync with Elektra.

    Karen should have been in the bottom and she would have gone home against Elektra. That would have been an absolute moment.

    I’d love an Art or Kita win.
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  10. Imagine how many likes #TeamAnitaWigl'it would be getting (including my own).
  11. Must admit I’m very surprised the Scarlet/Elektra storyline didn’t end in a lip sync they usually love that particular trope
  12. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    We're still in the realm of none of these queens being a properly deserving winner, it's so RuPaul's I Guess You'll Do Race.

    Elektra looked like Grayson Perry in the lipsync, it wasn't great. And she definitely didn't even try to win it, which makes her even more likeable.

    The "extra special Microsoft Teams judges" element was immediately tired, and gets worse every week. It would have been so much better to just not bother.

    #teamKita I guess.
  13. I have to admit I kinda lived for The Veronicas’ approach of “let’s collect our Cameo fee and also spend our entire 5 minutes stirring the pot”
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  14. Elektra's performance was the best there and it wasn't even close. But they didn't like the dress and she wasn't wearing shoes (?!?!) so bye I guess? Fuck's sake.

    Art's talent being eating cake. Inexplicable.

    I don't want any of them to win.
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  15. To be fair...they also offer the "kia ora" greeting for the Maori/New Zealand representation.

  16. I'm team Kita Mean, but is there any point?

    With the lack of effort put into this season I doubt they filmed more than one crowning, so we are going to get a Scarlet Adams win.
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  17. You are all doing way too much. I agree the judging is a mess and some of the decisions tanked the show (Miss Karen constantly getting a free pass for her mediocre performance? Scarlett being excused for her racist past but Etc’s piss jokes being too much? Art being brought back with no explanation? etc) but I still firmly believe that the cast alone (bar Karen and Scarlett) make this a fun show to watch and I’ve genuinely looked forward to it each and every week. And I can’t forget Rhys who is probably my favourite judge ever on any version of Drag Race.
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  18. So 2 out of the 4 remaining queens? You see how that's a problem, right.
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  19. Oh no, I agree. The top four is not good. But the cast as a whole minus these two rotten eggs was brilliant.
  20. This is absolutely a nightmare Top 4. Two racists, someone who was rightfully eliminated and a boring queen. What a mess.
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