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Drag Race Down Under

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. I still can't get over the mediocrity of Karen From Finance, she reminds me of a queen who would have gone home first in one of the early series.

    I've watched this whole series and only realised yesterday that I've actually seen her live (supporting Bob The Drag Queen) and she was so unmemorable I completely forgot!
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  2. The fact that Karen from Mediocrity was pressed because she was asked to do more than just blow up a balloon ddd
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  3. The edit of Karen changing her talent show thing was too much like that bad trip I once had.
  4. We all know there have been good and bad seasons of Drag Race but this is a rare season I think you could say has objectively just... not gone well. It's like they were determined to get rid of any remotely distinctive or likeable queens as fast as they could to clear the path for Karen and Scarlet — one queen who's done pretty much nothing of note all season except for a nightmare of a lip sync, and one who's performed well on paper but who's made it impossible for anyone watching to care about her. It's like Kameron and Eureka inexplicably making top 3 out of that stacked cast, except worse because this cast wasn't remotely stacked ddd

    In retrospect it's hard to blame them for the Art Simone riggory.
  5. There’s now pictures floating around of Coco throwing a Coronavirus party while wearing East Asian clothing. Are there any non-problematic queens on this season?


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  6. Everyone involved just seems to have missed the whole "Good TV" brief and have done us all so dirty. I promise you all Melbourne & Sydney Australia is well worth visiting!
  7. I can't remember another season of Drag Race that nosedived so quickly. There were some great queens at the start and now we have....those 4?
  8. Don't do Brizzy dirty like that!
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  9. 2014

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    The fact that someone like Kita is the best of a bad bunch considering her completely forgettable run.... if there's another Down Under version I think the whole show will benefit without Ru.
  10. Uno


    They really shot themselves in the foot by having Anita leave so early.

    How could you have your Snatch Game winner, arguably the most important challenge of the entire season, leave in 8th place out of 10?
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  11. Talk about 'rigga morris'! I was certain that Karen would be lip-synching for ha life. Why bother setting a talent show maxi-challenge if you are still just judging the drag makeup and clothing?! Make it make sense please.

    The rule book has been completely thrown out of the window this series. Bringing Art back (with no explanation) made a mockery of the weekly elimination. They didn't even try to hide the favouritism by making all the eliminated queens compete for a second chance.

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  12. I really like Art Simone and I feel the show has done her a disservice. If the producers really liked her then she really didn't need to be in the bottom of the Snatch Game episode as Kita Mean did worse.
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  13. Brizzy does itself dirty!
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. This season was really missing a Gaybours/Home And A Gay soap opera challenge.
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  16. Huns and Whore-ters
    A C.U.N.T.ry Practice
    Tuckahoe Cell Block D
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  17. A season without an acting challenge? Well hello let's celebrate the only thing they got right.
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  18. Kita, Anita and Elektra.
  19. unironically a Better Homes & Gardens challenge could've been a kii
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  20. Scream that they all work together. We need to support their bar.
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