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Drag Race Down Under

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. In theory I don’t have a problem with them bringing Art back since she’s a lot (a lot) more charismatic and fun to watch than any of the other finalists. The manner in which they went about it, however, was bizarre.

    By not explaining why she was brought back, they’ve robbed her of a satisfying arc and neutralised her as a threat - she’s essentially been out of the competition since her return, like Roxxy at the end of her AS2 run. And by refusing to give us any indication about how Art herself feels about her initial flopping and then second chance they’ve also robbed her of any storyline potential - she’s inhabiting this weird comic relief role where the other girls joke about her presence but Art appears to have no thoughts on her own weird arc at all! It’s whiplash inducing to go from the passionate, devastated queen of her elimination episode to the happy-to-be-there background character she is now, in the space of like, one episode.

    To add to the disorientation, you have Karen inhabiting a pretty safe, front runner niche this whole time despite the fact there is nothing she does that Art can’t do much better. It’s mystifying that production chose the former over the latter as their sacred cow.
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  2. It's possibly because Karen is somehow one of the most famous Aussie drag queens abroad. I had heard about her for years, never looked her up but I knew the name Karen From Finance. I assumed she was like an Aussie version of Charity Shop Sue.
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  3. Art could never deliver anything as iconic as Miss Roxxxy's verse on Read U Wrote U (assuming of course the final challenge is a remix of a Ru song). But I absolutely agree.... Art is kind of there and that's all. Its really, really weird.
  4. Uno


    She's only famous (to my knowledge, at least) because Trixie & Katya loved her name and mentioned her tons of times during their shows because they thought it was "the best drag name ever". Other than that, I don't think she's actually done anything to warrant any big recognition.
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  5. Karen does have an amazing drag name. I don't think her drag character is developed though. If you just think of all of the possibilities with character that she could do based on office dynamics she has so much material to work with. Even the name Karen gives her so much to develop on.
  6. Well she's already got the racism down.
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  7. I don't think this is fair. There's an Instagram post from her on this and she's been active on promoting causes on matters of race. She's apologised, gone beyond just saying 'sorry' and has taken actual steps to learn, grow and to be an ally.
  8. It’s good that she’s taking steps to make amends, but that’s also what a lot of Karens who get caught do, especially ones whose livelihood depend on public opinion.
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  9. I can think of a lot of public figures (including another candidate on DRDU) who say sorry and then don't follow it up with concrete actions.

    So I don't think those that go beyond saying sorry should be maligned for it. Save it for those with crocodile tears.
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  10. I hear you, but I was mostly pointing out the irony of someone saying she could take on more Karen-like characteristics when she has a racist past of her own.
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  11. Karen being safe...with that

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  12. Episode 7. What a crock of shit.

    Keep Rhys, the New Zealand queens and maybe Art. Bin the rest.
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  13. At least it kept us safe from having to see her lip sync again.
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  14. Votes on WOW Instagram page:

    Kita Mean 9,890
    Art Simone 2,907
    Scarlet Adams 2,676
    Karen From Finance 1,751
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  15. Who’s betting on Kita being eliminated midway through the finale and leaving that top 3?!
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  16. Honestly I've had a sinking feeling for ages that they'll end up at a top 2 and it'll be Scarlet and Karen.
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  17. Kita is the only choice really.

    Unless they want to go for a "for the first time in herstory" your winner got eliminated, brought back and won no challenges and crown Art.
  18. I know that Kita Mean is the lesser of all evils here, but nothing about her excites me at all. I would honestly rather Art win.

    I think the only good thing to take from this series is Anita and Elektra possibly popping up on a future International All Stars...
  19. Kita is a great drag queen but her lip sync is not great, so hopefully that will not be what the judges base their decisions on.

    That said the only queen in the final who is a good lip syncer is Scarlet and that would be a worrisome.
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