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Drag Race Down Under

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Dd the Werk Room looks like hell.
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  2. I didn’t take any of the queens in as I was too busy looking at the cheap ass werkroom and 1994 episode of Home & Away camera filter.

  3. The girls thirsting over Jojo, I can relate to that.

    Did not know the problematic Karen from Finance and Scarlet Adams tea spilled. I am not overly familiar with the socio economics, politics and demographics of Australia/New Zealand, but considering most of the cast is blonde and white as well, this tea is really not it.
  4. Doooo wee have a date yet?
  5. Karen From Finance is one of the best drag names I’ve heard in a while!
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  6. upload_2021-4-6_0-58-42.png

    Serving pure fish.
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  7. I would die for the IMHO girls.
  8. Jojo Zhao five o’clock shadow......
  9. Anita Wigl'it scares me. Let me stan.
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  10. Why was this also my first thought. Her facial expressions when she talks are very... intriguing. Like I can't look away from her mouth.
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  11. It's coming soon girls.
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  12. I hope the Beeb get it
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  13. So this will be airing most likely at the same time as All Stars 6 then. Hmmm okay.
  14. I mean Canada aired at the same time as All Stars 5. I think we are always gonna have some kinda cross over going forward with my countries having their own version and probable individual All Stars and maybe even some kinds world wide competition.
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  15. Out of the 3 kiwi queens she is the one I like the most.

    The other two, not so much..
  16. Not me screaming when I heard Vanessa Carlton only to realise it came from the racist.

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